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RE: Super Psychic Scribey Moments

in #palnetlast year

I am a firm believer that everyone has some form of psychic ability. We are spiritual as well as physical beings after all!


Indeed! Love the crystal ball, btw. LOL.

My goal is to help allow others to contemplate and see what their abilities are and kick them into full gear. Because just think! And there tends to be a bit of a taboo about the subject, like it shouldn't be taken seriously. So I figure if I can continue to air out my psychic laundry, others might be able to see it's worth checking out what they might be capable of.

The more I talk to people on this platform alone, the more I find out what kinds of remarkable abilities so many of us have! I think, with a little organization, we might actually be able to create a synergistic impact on the place that makes it a phenomenal place to be for keeps. (That's my other goal)