Smart Media Token : All Author and Publishers should know

in palnet •  10 months ago 

Dear All,

There is a very good news for all authors or publishers or people who own digital assets.

No need to think of those traditional methods of monetizing your content, you can now adopt the well tested techniques to monetize and grow thee community.

What is SMT ?

If you have a online or digital content or web site or blog and you want to monetize them, then Smart Media Token can be launched by you. SMTs are digital assets powered by steem block chain.

In simpler word, you can use the SMT to encourage users by paying them incentive. The same way your work appreciated on steemit through steem coin.

So you can make your own token and start attracting users by rewarding them for the desired behavior.

Why to use SMTs?

Every publisher will be able to create their own token and can grow the community by paying the user some kind of incentive.

Any one can use.
You need not to be a techie.
Have been well tested in back, so not to be worried.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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