Respect your parents. !!!

in palnet •  9 months ago  (edited)

Hi all,

Now a days many times am coming across the scenes, where young children's are abandoning their parents, as that after old. This is not only restricted to any perticular geografic areas, but happening everywhere in the globe.

But am really surprised, how a person after reaching his adulthood can forget hide parents, who has filed the childhood of that person with a bunch of loves and affections???IMG_20191114_142023.jpg

Who is really responsible for this?? The old parents, who couldn't reach their children the value of life or the children who couldn't learn the lessons of life??

How can a person give more value too thier wife, life, children over the parents??

So they ever felt that the way they sow, the exact way they reap !!!

If you are throwing your parents from house today, the same your children can also do with you.

Respect the person who has spent all their life just to keep you happy, to grow you healthy. No one can actually today the sacrification of their parents.

So please be a good human being. They need you much more in their old age, than anything else.

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