How to Become Emotionally Strong ???

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Emotionally strong means controlling the emotions in life (Both in food and bad phase).

It never happens in a day, rather it's a process, which takes time. The time it will take will be determined by your day-to-day habits, close circles and your behavior. Emotion is natural to every human and the only difference between a machine and humans.

How to Become Emotionally Strong ???

Just by adopting some simple rules of life, you will be emotionally strong.

Change the way you treat others :

If you get disturbed easily by the action of other people, then start changing the priority to the people. Treat them wisely. In case someone hurts you, avoid them and start building circle of good and friendly people.

Think before action:

Respond or react only only if, it is worth to respond. As an example if, one of your close friends ignored you for some party , then there is no point in feeling bad about that.

Just think that it is their wish, so you nothing to do with that. let them ignore you but you don’t change some point in their life they realize. Even if they don’t still it is immaterial to you.

Don’t adjust in everything:

As a thumb rule people think that, adjusting to everything is good. but it is vice versa.

But if you don’t like something or someone, just. Don't always adjust yourself to make others happy.

Practice these simple things and you will in better position in controlling your emotions.


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