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RE: Disturbing Sculptures w/ @kus-knee

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I must be weird because Giacometti doesn't disturb me at all...

Have you seen the movie with Geoffrey Rush as Giacometti? I think it's called The Last Portrait or something like that. I loved it !


I am actually a huge fan of his work but there is definitely something otherworldly or after-life about his work. Is the film you mentioned kid-friendly​y? I am asking for my son.

Maybe i've spent so much time looking at and studying art i don't get emotional about it... Hmmm, that's not entirely correct. Heck I cry at movies! Monet's giant water lily stuff... Maybe it's a reaction and resistance to people always talking about "crazy artists "starving artists" and all the crap people invent about art... i don't think i am very clear. I should say that the dog isn't a work i would put in my living room. I would enjoy a lot of other things more. Oh and Francis Bacon does freak me out! Haha. One of the things i love about abstract art is there is no story and no historical triggers. I used to hate a particular genre of art that i wont name but it's pretty much all anyone did for a long time.

How old is your son? The movie is a little racy in parts. He has a mistress and a wife. He's actually really funny at times. The studio is the most pitiful grey room in France! They show his artistic process... Really pretty well i think. And Rush looks so perfect in the part : )

When it comes to art, I think with my own mind and often am not that into things that others are gushing over. So I know what you mean. But I like to think I have a good eye for the real deal. Fine art holds an energy that derivative works do not. They hold the attention and produce emotion and excitement easily. But that does not mean you want to feel that feeling every day in your living room. So the​ dog does better in a gallery than in the middle of your dinner table. I know what you mean.

My son is 9. Racy is not so good for him.