ShakeUp In My Holdings

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Well, today I decided was a day to completely change my holdings on robinhood. Everything that I used to hold from my last post, I sold. Why? Eh, time to try new things I guess. I profited off all of them so I was happy. I'm sure they'll continue to get higher, but gotta move on right?

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 11.22.48 AM.png
Here's what I bought.

With Coke, they weren't growing as well as some of the other stocks I had. Don't get me wrong, they made me the largest amount, but if I'd invested the same amount into some other stock like SNAP, I'd have made a lot more. Plus, people are more and more turning away from soda. They have other things, but eh. Took the profit and sold off.

I just sold Bank Of America and SNAP to be able to afford 2 shares of Nintendo. They recently announced the new Switch and I'm sure sales of that will help them out(targeted more towards kids, I don't wanna give my switch to young kids just cuz of how fragile it feels) upon launch.

ATT is just ATT. Sold them too. Helped fund Nintendo.

I bought MSFT because they've been growing a lot recently and I wanna get in on that growth. Theres the big "break up big tech" going on, but I don't think that'll happen, or if it does it'll be far off in the future. I plan on holding them long term, but might have a few sales of it in between.

I'll also be attempting to find a good amount I can set up as a reoccurring monthly deposit onto robinhood. Got that setup with acorns and its nice to see it grow there. I don't like it to be automated as I like to have control, but it's easy enough to deposit. Plus they've got instant access to money up to a point before it even goes through so thats another good thing about robinhood.

Took a little loan from @neoxian yesterday to help pay for some crypto related servers, without needing to put in from my card, hopefully SBD rebounds to $1 by the time I owe him so I just need to pay 100 SBD.

Remember, none of this should be taken as financial advice. I'm just a random dude talking about his own investment and you shouldn't do what I do unless you are fine with losing some money.

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Testing if esteem works.

Test 2?


its all about moving in the right holdings

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Do you know how I can download node.js on my raspberry pi zero because that other link you gave me was for the newer version

Hi there @rishi556

I haven't seen you in a while so I decided to reach out to you. Hopefully you're okey there and you didn't give up on Steemit completely.

If you would ever decide to come back and would post anything, then please send me link via memo and I will gladly check it out.

Take care of yourself,

Don’t worry, I’m not gone. Just got nothing to post about. You can find me making a lot of comments or working on some steem related project to help others. Right now I’m working on optimizing which is for @giftgiver.

Mostly,@sn0n helps me from time to time.

Hi @rishi556

Interesting project you're working on. Are you working on it only on your own ?

I'm glad to know that you're still around and you're all fine.

Enjoy your monday :)
Yours, Piotr

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Great post and break down of what you’re invested into and why. Robinhood and Acorns are two apps that are changing the way normal people invest — it’s an incredible time to be an investor ;)

What does bot mean by whitelisted?