Silencing Assange... The Final Solution

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The one consistent thread in all of the posts I've done on Julian Assange is the concept that there is no intent on the part of the establishment to allow him to live long enough to stand trial and/or be extradited to the US... now that assumption has been confirmed. This confirmation comes from Edward Fitzgerald, Assange's attorney.

 Julian Assange’s lawyer claimed this week in court at his extradition hearing that the U.S. wanted to murder the WikiLeaks founder and make it look like an accident. American spies teamed up with UC Global, a Spanish company contracted by Ecuador to provide security at the embassy, to help plant “intrusive and sophisticated” secret surveillance of Assange, his attorney stated during the court hearing. Assange was even filmed meeting with his legal team and was so paranoid about constant surveillance that he started sleeping in a tent inside his bedroom, the Telegraph reported. 

According to Fitzgerald, "extreme measures" such as kidnapping, poisoning and suicide were contemplated while Julian was housed at the Ecuadorian Embassy. The American intelligence agencies teamed up with a private company in Spain, UC Global, to keep Assange under constant surveillance while at the embassy. While there he had absolutely no privacy whatsoever, even during visits from his doctors and lawyers- to the point where Assange pitched a tent in his bedroom to sleep in.

 American spies teamed up with UC Global, a Spanish company contracted by Ecuador to provide security at the embassy, to help plant “intrusive and sophisticated” secret surveillance of Assange, his attorney stated during the court hearing. Assange was even filmed meeting with his legal team and was so paranoid about constant surveillance that he started sleeping in a tent inside his bedroom, the Telegraph reported. “There were conversations about whether there should be more extreme measures contemplated, such as kidnapping or poisoning Julian Assange in the embassy,” Assange’s attorney, Edward Fitzgerald, told the court, according to the Daily Mail. 

Naturally now that he's in Belmarsh prison constant surveillance is far easier to execute, as is Julian- I'm sure that I'm not the only one surprised that Assange hasn't become the victim of prison violence, something commonplace in prisons around the world. How difficult would it be for the Brits to sneak in an SAS or MI-5 agent to take him out. It seems on the contrary, that Assange has become something of a hero among the prison populace, the majority of whom believe his treatment to be excessively harsh and inhumane. However, because they haven't tried it yet, doesn't put Julian in the clear... the powers that shouldn't be are still determined that he not testify.

 UC Global’s owner David Morales, was exposed by a mysterious whistleblower known only as “Witness Two,” the report stated. Witness Two revealed that Morales “said the Americans were desperate and had even suggested more extreme measures could be applied against the guest to put an end to the situation,” Fitzgerald told the court according to the Mail.  Morales was actively working with “the dark side—in other words, US intelligence agencies,” Fitzgerald claimed, according to the report. Assange was spied on in the Ecuadorian Embassy and the suspects at the time had tried to extort 3,000,000 million euro from the journalism organization for the destruction of the videos and pictures, which included videos of private situations such as doctors visits and lawyers meetings while he was in the embassy, Reuters reported

The Deep State is not simply Democrats, RINO's and some American bureaucrats, but a global organization consisting of the FVEY members (UK, US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) and NATO "allies." If you remember the source of the Russia "dossier" was British intel in GCHQ. The Brits are just as involved in this debacle as the US and have an equally vested interest in Assange not being allowed to testify... the selection of  Lady Emma Arbuthnot as judge in Assange's extradition trial is ample evidence of that.

The plot to kill Assange to prevent him from testifying as produced one arrest. " Ring leader Jose Martin Santos, previously convicted for fraud, was arrested in Alicante for trying to bribe WikiLeaks with millions in exchange for private videos of Assange." However, when the Spanish court wanted to question Assange the judge was stonewalled:

 That plot was later tied to the CIA, who hired UC Global S. L. and its founder David Morales to spy on Assange according to court documents that were presented to Spain’s High Court, El País reported. Spanish Judge José de la Mata requested to interview the WikiLeaks founder by video conference as a witness. However, the British judicial system stepped in denying the request, which could affect Assange’s extradition trial, El País reported

The "British judicial system" in this case was undoubtedly Lady Emma or one of her corrupt prosecutors acting on her behalf. Assange's lawyer told the court that the intelligence agencies (CIA & MI-6) suggested leaving the embassy door open so that Julian could be kidnapped. Kind of reminds you of the purposeful incompetence surrounding the Epstein "suicide."

 Ironically, in 2016 WikiLeaks tweeted that it took UK police two hours to respond to a call after an unidentified man attempted to scale the wall of the Ecuadorian Embassy at 2:47 am. The would-be intruder escaped security and managed to flee to safety while embassy security waited two hours for U.K. police to take the two minute walk from the police station to the embassy. There is no evidence that this attempt was in any way related to UC Global. 

The only thing that Assange is guilty of is embarrassing the US and UK intel services. 

 U.S. lawyers have falsely claimed that Assange’s publishing of the Iraq and Afghanistan war diaries endangered lives, a claim that is debunked by the Pentagon’s own admission that there is no evidence that any of WikiLeaks’ actions have caused even a single death,as Glenn Greenwald previously reported for Salon during the court trial of whistleblower Chelsea Manning.  Assange even attempted to contact the U.S. State Department and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning about the leak of unredacted documents on other websites, Assange’s lawyers have said

And that's what this is really about. Hillary Clinton knew about the "leaks" of unredacted documents, she had been selling classified information to the highest bidders all along. Her unsecured server at her home in New York was the source of the "leaks," along with the server at the DNC "investigated" by Crowdsource- it had the information that Seth Rich was murdered for downloading. Assange knows better than anyone that Russia didn't hack anything and all roads lead back to Hillary Clinton- that's why he can never be allowed to testify, he's the link that will lead to Hillary's arrest and the Deep State's house of cards falling down.

 Assange’s lawyers have argued in court that their client would be a “suicide risk” if extradited to the United States. Other court statements that were heard according to 9News, include the fact that Assange was stripped naked and searched twice, handcuffed 11 times, had his case files confiscated, and was placed in 5 different holding cells just this week. 

He would be a Clintoncide risk if extradited to the US. It would be far simpler for the Deep State to put one of their own in proximity with Julian while incarcerated here. Look at how long Epstein lasted in the MCC facility in NYC- one of the most secure holding facilities in the US.

 If extradited, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer has continuously said Assange could be exposed to “a real risk of serious violations of his human rights, including his freedom of expression, his right to a fair trial, and the prohibition of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Melzer has also stated that Assange has deliberately been exposed “for a period of several years, to progressively severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the cumulative effects of which can only be described as psychological torture.” 

If extradited, Julian has a lot more to worry about than "degrading treatment." If he is sent to the US, the best he can hope for is likely a trial in front of Judge Amy Barrett-Jackson and life in prison. The more likely scenario, however, is that the failed plot to execute him at the Ecuadorian Embassy will be carried out here- where, like Epstein, he will be suicided, or die from either natural causes, or an unfortunate accident. Either way, it looks bad for Julian Assange, the "man who knew too much." 


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If he testifies, which he has the right to do, he could spill the beans into the public record. That's the fear I agree.

If he testifies he WILL spill the beans... We need to keep the public pressure up, the more he's in the news the better his chances are (although it didn't help Epstein much). The Brits don't want to kill him there because they look bad, and the same for here.