Screwed Again: Britain's Version of Judge Amy Barrett-Jackson Assigned in Assange Case

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You'll have to forgive the brevity of this post- the geniuses that run Steemit have seen fit to screw the "little guy" again with their latest improvement to the platform. Thankfully though the big accounts are still doing well, judging by the size of their payouts. Now to the real news.

Lady Emma Arbuthnot has been chosen to be the presiding judge in Assange's extradition case. Not only is she biased, but she has a conflict of interest as well. According to an article by Judge Niall McCrae, Arbuthnot's husband,  Lord James Arbuthnot  was mentioned by Wikileaks some 50 times.

 Lady Arbuthnot’s husband, Lord James Arbuthnot, is closely connected with the British armed forces and security services. Now a Conservative member of the House of Lords, Lord Arbuthnot was previously a MP in the House of Commons. From 2005 to 2014 he chaired the Defence Select Committee, a body that oversaw military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
 Lord Arbuthnot sits on the advisory boards of defence manufacturer Thales and the Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies. As a director at security and intelligence consultancy firm SC Strategy, he worked for two years with fellow directors Lord Carlile, who promoted the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (‘Snoopers’ Charter’) giving state access to internet records without a warrant, and Sir John Scarlett, who chaired the Joint Intelligence Committee and was responsible for the ‘dodgy dossier’ on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Lord Arbuthnot was mentioned in over 50 entries in the WikiLeaks exposure, which also made almost 2000 references to Thales and over 400 to the RUSI. 

This woman is no more capable of delivering a fair trial than is Obama appointee and Democrat activist Amy Barrett-Jackson, who would likely preside over Julian's trial should the extradition be successful. Moreover:

 The judge, Lady Emma Arbuthnot, is a gilded member of the British liberal-progressive establishment. She has frequently protected the privileged and powerful from scrutiny by lesser mortals, her judgments weaponising the law for censorship and preservation of the social class hierarchy. Significantly, she has failed to declare a major conflict of interest in presiding over Assange’s case, which could lead to a death penalty. 

This kind of travesty is what's come to define "justice" in both the UK and US. The wealthy ruling class can run amok with little fear of ever facing any kind of legitimate justice... most are never indicted for their crimes at all, no matter how severe.

(Courtesy: American Thinker)

It appears that Lady Arbuthnot went to great pains to get herself appointed to what is sure to be the "trial of the century" in the UK... after all, like Barrett-Jackson she has a lot to protect, in her case the reputation of her war criminal husband. Commoners such as Assange simply cannot be allowed to roam free casting aspersions on their betters in the ruling class, it would be unseemly to the rigid class structure of the Brits. United Nations rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer has argued against Arbuthnot's being allowed to preside:

 Where a close member of a judge’s family is politically active, the judge needs to bear in mind the possibility that, in some proceedings, that political activity might raise concerns about the judge’s own impartiality and detachment from the political process and should act accordingly.’ 

This isn't Assange's first run-in with this particular judge:

 After his arrest in 2019, Assange was tried for skipping bail at Westminster Magistrate’s Court. Assange’s lawyer Liam Walker presented the defence of reasonable excuse, arguing that chief magistrate Lady Arbuthnot, who had previously dealt with the case, was biased against him due to the activities of her husband. District judge Michael Snow responded:  
 This is grossly unfair and improper to do it just to ruin the reputation of a senior and able judge in front of the press. He has chosen not to give evidence, he has chosen to make assertions about a senior judge not having the courage to place himself before the court for the purpose of cross-examination. Those assertions made through counsel are not evidence as a matter of law. I find they are not capable of amounting to a reasonable excuse.’ 

In his first case the judge called Assange a "narcissist" and sentenced him to 12 months... and now we're to expect her to be unbiased in his extradition hearing. They might as well stuff him in a trunk and ship him to Washington- that's if they let him live long enough to stand trial. I believe we can expect the good judge- along with hand-picked prosecutors- to drag this out as long as possible. "This is the judge who could effectively condemn Assange to the electric chair. It’s the ‘deep state’ in action, and the silence from politicians is deafening. However, patriot and London mayoral candidate David Kurten told the inconvenient truth: –

‘Julian Assange is a political prisoner.’"

There is little likelihood that Julian will see justice either in the UK or here. At this point the best he can hope for is to stay alive long enough to be tried.



That is no surprise. Cases are assigned on the basis of each judge's bias ensuring he'll be a safe pair of hands. There is no longer any rule of law. Whatever the desire of those in power, they will manipulate the law to produce the required outcome. Governments can do whatever they please. What recourse do we have against them?

Our options are becoming narrowed down- I'm afraid there's only one now. Like Mao said: "Politics comes from the barrel of a gun."

Decadence (in the west) over the last 70 years has dulled us to this actual reality of Mao's.
Thankfully the US still has the second amendment.

People are waking up to this( I think).

The bubble is bursting, but it's gonna be a very painful 'pop'.
Tyranny by the elites manipulators never endures, but it's a painful re balancing for the rest of us.

We are, now, I believe, at the point in time.
As @deirdyweirdy says, rule of law is now pretty much defunct, and when people lose faith in rule of law, things go pear shaped pretty quickly.
(A perceived 'fair' rule of law, is the glue that holds societies together)

I wish they'd hurry up... I'm almost 75, but I'm still a warrior and I'd like to get a few shots of. My M-21 kills my shoulder (bursitis) but my eye is as sharp as ever.

I was not expecting anything other than a show so this sounds about right.

They're not even trying to make it look unbiased anymore- their hubris will be what takes them down.

Nope. I'll look into it. Thanks :)

Was at the ER most of the day with Hubby today. Chest pain, fatigue, etc. He has a blood clotting disorder if you remember. Protein S deficiency. Didn't know if he was having a heart issue or threw another clot. Thankfully neither. An old clot may have moved a bit causing inflammation. He's resting and will be fine. Hopefully we didn't pick up any cooties. We were careful.

Y'all are in my prayers. Hopefully it was nothing serious. The worst chest pains I ever had (worse even than my heart attack) turned out to be gas pushing on my diaphram. My doctor, Dr. Achoo (his real name- look it up) siad "take him to the emergency room." 25 miles away! And give him aspirin- the only thing with aspirin we had was Alka Seltzer. Half way to the ER, guess what?

DUDE! Man you may have hit on the head and our adorable little Squirrel Bait may be wrong. Check this out......

I checked some of these headlines to see if this is real. Yup. Checks out. Wow! I'm gonna snag the video off of YouTube and Post it on Weku. Wow. Gonna share with some friends and my brother. Wow!!!!!

Global Power grab and depop. If this was on purpose then that is the clear goal. Not one country at a time anymore. A huge global move. Third temple coming soon? Looks like it! The stage is being reset for the next Act. All the things we have been warning about are on the way. I think a bunch of travel restrictions will be permanent for the average citizen. Maybe "health" checkpoints at the boarders of states in the US. That kind of thing. I'll be talking about this on Monday if I can get a video and all that ready in time. If not, then Tuesday. Hubby not feeling well again. No chest pain just really really fatigued and miserable.

I need to get past my revulsion and denial. This was on purpose. Unbelievable but becoming clearer and clearer. I'll have to admit my mistaken analysis in the video as well. It's our own government we need to worry about not just the virus and public panic. Great. Just great. I need to combine a few plans and protocols. Well, I'm glad I realize this now and not later. Good job my dear friend. Thanks for letting me get there on my own. Hugs.

If you don't get there on your own it doesn't mean anything. Hubby comes first! I believe that the Chinese and Dems have teamed up to take down Trump. They've been in cahoots since the Clinton admin. Trump's America First policies have crippled the Chinese economy. They've been a single source supply chain for many products for years. Proctor & Gamble have over 350 factories there. (17,000 products). Trump is bringing jobs home and China, the Dems and globalists hate it. This weaponized virus is geared to disrupt the world economy (in addition to eliminating as many as possible- that's just a bonus for the depop crowd). These people are evil!

LOL. A clot probably moved and caused some inflammation. Thankfully, it doesn't look like he threw a new one and his heart is fine. Never know with him so we had to get it checked out. He's still very fatigued but feeling better. I just hope we didn't pick up cooties.

Hubby and I are in talks regarding his job. This is our greatest risk of exposure. He's in the IT/systems department and so touches other peoples keyboards, enters other people's workspace. A large office with tons of very social people. They will pick it up at a gathering or a store and bring it in and then give it to hubby. By the time someone is sick, everyone would have been exposed. Des Moines is a major domestic travel hub. Not good. He loves his job but realizes at some point he may have to "go on vacation" and burn up any time he has saved. Not enough time as it really would need to be months. Not good. I don't want to be separated from him so we are trying to form a strategy. I am pretty much isolated at home.

you would think this deep state hack was the only judge in washington...

No, I think there are one or two more deep state hacks too.

He can't catch a brake.

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Even if he could what would he use it for?

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