Politics of the Left... From Moral Relativism To Moral Decay and Finally Moral Degeneracy

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 Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ~John Adams

We currently live is a society in which morality has come to be defined by whatever feels good at any particular time... on other words, a society governed by no moral principles at all. This non-moral structure is bolstered by a political system that that has shown an inherent rejection of the principles upon which it was founded at every turn. Christian principles have become as unpopular as Christianity itself. Secular Humanism has proven over and over again to have failed to produce anything resembling the claims it has set forth- the creation of a moral society without the encumbrance of religion and/or religious principles. Like Socialism and Communism the humanists believe if "we just do it differently this time" we'll get the desired results.

Since prayer was removed from schools violent behavior has risen exponentially. Teaching "sex ed" to children beginning in kindergarten has produced a generation or more lost in promiscuity- but no one seems to be able to connect the dots. The social unrest and sexual revolution of the 1960's have come to define our culture and with it our political system... one result being the presidency of Bill Clinton, an individual with absolutely no moral compass- either in his personal life or in governing the nation. Clinton- along with his wife Hillary- has come to be the trademark of the Democratic Party, both symbolically and in their style of governing. There is no lie too big, or dollar too dirty in their insatiable quest for power. The question is, are the Democrats a reflection of our society- specifically the people who elect them, or is our society a reflection of the political influences of the Democrats and the elites who pay to get them elected... Hollywood, Wall St. and other cultural influencers? As Bill Clinton pointed out:  “It all depends on what the meaning of is, is.” 

 With those words, then president of the United States Bill Clinton, crystallized to the world something that we all had sensed. Like a soft buzzing in our ears, we were aware something was out of whack in America, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. That proclamation out of the mouth of the most powerful man in America diagnosed the ailment. The greatest nation in the history of the world, a government of laws undergirded by Truth, had been replaced. There was a new sheriff in town. A coup de tat [sic] had taken place in the culture and the mouth of the President trumpeted the arrival of this new nation. 

The President of the United States had been carrying on an extramarital affair in the Oval Office and then lied about under oath and the reaction was, "ho hum, nothing to see here." Thirty or forty years earlier this would have been unthinkable, but America had lost its moral compass right along with the political elites and the mainstream media who still continues to fawn over anything Clinton.

 The greatest threat to America has always been from within. While we focused on the enemies from without, (can you say cold war) subversion below the radar screen was eating away at the foundations of the nation like the termites in an oak tree. The gnawing upon the foundation was within plain view, but we were told that the termites were actually strengthening the foundation, chewing away all of the rotten wood. The termites, we were told, would eventually make the nation stronger. 

As Abraham Lincoln said: "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." (The quote "America will never be destroyed from the outside..." was not said by Lincoln as appropo as it might be) Nevertheless, we are committing political suicide and with it moral suicide as well. For 200 years the 10 Commandments along with the Constitution guided the rule of law. Now law is decided by activist judges who rewrite the Constitution rather than interpret it.

 Enter the termites. Few at first, but ravenous nonetheless. Madalyn Murray, The ACLU, People For The American Way, Liberal Seminaries and Universities, labor unions, all munching away at the main beam supporting this experiment in self-government.  “Separation of Church and State” their teeth gnawed. No prayer in school, remove the 10 Commandments off of the wall, no prayer at graduation…or before football games, take God out of the pledge…they hacked away at the root of the nation. “We’re good Americans too “the white ants cried. “We want to see the Constitution applied to everyone. No one has the right to tell another person what to do. You have no right to force your religion on me”, the winged Isopterans moaned.  

But they weren't good Americans too as they proved when it was they who told everybody what to do- they forced their own world-based satanic order on the rest of us all in the name of "equal rights," "diversity," and "equality." These are the pigs of Orwell's Animal Farm that that were more equal than the rest of us.

 THOU SHALL NOT MURDER became……a woman’s right to choose. 

 THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY became….homosexual rights. 

 THOU SHALL NOT LIE became….”It all depends on what the meaning of is, is.” 

 So the Democrats have done something inventive and unique: They’ve created a new reality. They’ve created an idiocracy. The Pop Culture Dictionary defines idiocracy as “a society run or made up of idiots.” In this new Democratic world, the absurd is now the accepted norm, totally illogical thought becomes completely rational, scientific fact is discarded for the purpose of political expediency and historical fact is a tiresome inconvenience that can be ignored as needed. 

And many not only accepted it as the "new normal," they embraced it along with all the nonsense that accompanies it. Now we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the virtue signalling savant behind the Green New Deal. She has become the figurehead as well as the spokesman... whoops the SPOKESPERSON of the New Democrats.

  She spouts all the usual clichés: capitalism is bad, America is evil and deeply flawed, only the wealthy are doing well, etc., but the Democratic candidates parrot every single one of them. They may put their own individual twists on them in order to distinguish themselves from one another, but the overriding “America is unfair, it’s racist, and a Republican-run America will ruin the world’s future with its greed unless we stop it” theme is common to all the contenders.  

Her own greed and lust for power notwithstanding of course. And we can't forget Bernie, the self-avowed Communist. Fifty years ago this couldn't have happened. Fifty years ago we were fighting Communists in Vietnam in concert with our Cold War against the "Evil Empire" of the Soviet Union. Now around half of all millennials embrace "democratic socialism," Communism all gussied up and repackaged as something new and fresh. The Communist-run public education system forgot to tell them about the 100 million deaths and untold misery caused by Socialism in its many guises in just the last century. The truth about the Democratic idiocracy is that it's decades worth of failed policies because they lack basic moral principles and now all they're left with is sadism and hate... that's the face of the New Democrats.

 "Cruelty is the expression of hate and of the will to power. ... The sadistic traits, the tendency to barbarousness, the impulse to destroy, manifest themselves in a manner that is senseless, brutal, scornful of every cultural achievement. ... The sadist revels in the fear, the anger, the humiliation of his victim. ... The sadist pictures to himself what is happening in the mind of his object, whose resistance he calls forth and breaks. Only this feeling of himself into the affective life of the object brings him the expected pleasure."   ~Wilhelm Stekel, Sadism and Masochism: the Psychology of Hatred and Cruelty (1929) 

This along with a paucity of moral principles describes the Democrats and the Left of today to a "T." They are the party of myopic selfishness and irrational self-interest, reflected in their policies (or lack thereof) and the people that support them, e.g., ANTI-fa, Planned Parenthood, et.al..

 President Trump's victory in 2016 put them all back on their heels.  How could they continue their habits of corruption with someone who had campaigned on draining their swamp?  They would have to take him and those close to him down and out by any means available to them.  But, so confident in their own superiority, they got careless.  Then they got caught. 

When there are no moral principles, criminal behavior becomes perfectly acceptable, depending of course on what your definition of is, is. Now like cockroaches in the light, they're scurrying for cover- hence the 3 1/2 year impeachment effort. It doesn't matter if it's constructed on a foundation of lies, lies are in the eye of the beholder. Infantile and petulant in their behavior, the Democrats heap lie upon lie on the American people and believe they can get away with it because they always have... just like Bill Clinton when he got caught. When truth becomes subjective, there's no reason to behave morally- or like an adult.

 Everyone who watched the SOTU speech saw how disrespectful, how rude the Democrats in the room were.  Like small children who have never learned the most basic of manners, they delighted in their own beastly behavior as a group.  They were clearly proud of themselves.  How does a large party of alleged adults so enjoy acting like spoiled toddlers?  Because they are perpetually immature; they are happy only when they get their way.  Pelosi's planned stunt at the SOTU proves only that she revels in her own childishness.  And as these elected officials set such a poor example, university students are being taught to behave similarly.  They are learning that they should never have to hear a dissenting word, that they may act out in a variety of childish, cruel, or even violent ways. 

These people have no shame... they've never had any consequences for their actions. Here's the real danger:

 The Democrat party as currently constituted is not just socialist but verging on communist. Young people are no longer taught about the ravages of these ideologies, the death and destruction they invite. They seem to no longer grasp the true nature of, their natural right to liberty. They are not being taught self-reliance. That they have been deprived of the glorious knowledge of these rights has been the cruel agenda of the left since Woodrow Wilson was President. President Trump has for three years made a valiant attempt to slow this rough beast. For this he is to be revered and re-elected. If any one of the Democrat candidates were to be victorious it would be the end of America as founded. 

I'm old enough to remember when not only politicians were held to higher standards, but the rest of us as well. I shook hands with General Eisenhower before he became president, and even though I was about 4 at the time I could sense a nobility about the man... something that set him apart from the rest of us. Most of the politicians of today aren't fit to suck farts out of my couch, much less lead a country. Somewhere along the way we lost our way... it was when God was removed from the public square and from public discourse. Most "Christians" are afraid to say so in public for fear of being ridiculed- while those who deserve ridicule hide behind the Constitution demanding extra rights that the rest of us don't have... and the Democrats are perfectly willing to give them in exchange for votes. Our republic is slipping away, rotting from the inside out and nobody seems willing to stand up and shout down the charlatans along with their immoral supporters... after all we don't want to hurt the feelings of the LGBTQP+ community, it might interfere with their ability to target children. And they're not alone- groups such as the SPLC, ACLU, BLM and others are tearing away at the fabric of our country and nobody is doing a thing to stop them. I say enough!






Well said. They have done all they can to remove any trace of God from our culture. They have refused to embrace the one heaven given ultimate truth that far surpasses any man made beliefs. And they wonder what the world has gone to hell. Will Resteem. Thanks @richq11

Then they blame everything on us when things fall apart

Great critical analysis. They changed the line "True patriot love in all of thy sons command” to “in all of us command,” in the Canadian anthem because it wasn't "gender neutral." Soon they going to get rid of god.

Thank you! Same here in the US I'm afraid- the libs want to do away with the pledge of allegiance.

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