Democrats & Mainstream Media... America's Real Enemies.

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I've written several articles about the Vietnam War protests- about how they were more about elitism and myopic selfishness than about an honest desire to end the killing. The protestors were against killing, only in the sense that they felt that they were too good to die for their country. But there was another purpose to these protests, a darker more sinister purpose... they gave succor to America's enemies by showing a country divided, in essence showing an America that was weak- something that had never happened in America's history. During every other war, America showed a united front, in effect making our enemies believe that they were fighting the entire country. Vietnam showed the world that America had succumbed to the trenchant selfishness that defines the left. Now the same thing is happening again, only this time on a massive scale. Like in Vietnam the news media is coalescing to show the world an America divided. Butchers such as Solemani are portrayed as heroes, while our president is ridiculed.

Vietnam proved the effectiveness of this disinformation. The Democrats, by impeaching Nixon, were successful in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. North Vietnam has surrendered, agreeing to the Paris Peace Accords and the Democrats couldn't have that- it didn't fit the narrative they has already prepared. Even then their plan was to bring down America... the only difference is that now they're more public about it- they no longer attempt to mask their hatred and derision for America and the values that made her strong and good. This short video shows the duplicity of the Democrats... one has to wonder why the Democrats were so invested in losing a war to communists.

America hasn't won a war since WWII... Korea is only a cease fire, the war still goes on. The reason for this is simple- one that President Eisenhower warned of in his Farewell Address- the Military Industrial Complex. It isn't profitable for wars to end. The Rothschild/Rockefeller diaspora (globalist bankers) have funded both sides of every war since Napoleon. War protestors are merely controlled opposition, most of whom are Democrats, but in reality are merely puppets dancing to the tune of the Deep State- Democrats and RINOs. These are selfish, self-serving elitists (the protestors) whose only real interest is their own safety- these are the pussy-hat soyboys of ANTI-fa. The role of the Democrats in all of this is giving aid to our enemies- assisted of course by the equally treasonous CIA-controlled Mockingbird media. Like in Vietnam, they keep America divided.

The difference between the Obama administration- headed by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton- when our embassy in Benghazi was attacked and that of Trump/Pompeo is stark. Obama/Clinton through proxy Susan Rice blamed their inaction on a YouTube video, where Trump/Pompeo, upon the embassy in Baghdad being attacked met fire with fire. 

 After months of Iranian provocations, to which Trump responded patiently and appropriately, the decision was made to target Soleimani after Iranian proxy forces killed an American contractor at a U.S.-occupied base, then besieged the American embassy in the Iraqi capital.  Not only was President Trump legally and constitutionally authorized to order the strike, he was morally obligated to do so as well, for a president’s first job is to protect our homeland and protect our military and diplomatic personnel worldwide. 

The response from the Democrats and their lapdog media was to condemn the president for taking the legal, not to mention proper, response. It makes any impartial observer question exactly whose side they're on. Unless, of course, one understands that their ultimate purpose is to embolden America's enemies by presenting a divided front... this makes our enemies believe that victory can in fact be achieved. The real enemy of America is the Democrat Party, whose purpose it has been for decades, is to deliver us into the hands of the globalists.

 But because this action was taken by President Trump, Democrats and their media propagandists lambasted him because that’s just what they do. It wouldn’t matter if a foreign force landed on American shores, these lunatics would criticize Trump for ordering them stopped. The Trump-bashing was led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who bizarrely claimed that Trump lacked the authority to protect American interests and target Soleimani, a man responsible for thousands of deaths, many of them American soldiers. 

But the lives of American soldiers and their families is the last thing from the Democrats' minds. They're far more concerned with issues such as abortion- the murder of the next generation of Americans- and supporting ANTI-fa, illegal aliens, and anyone else interested in bringing America down. Similarly, their legislative objective for the last 4 years has to been to undo the results of the last election to the exclusion of any bills that may assist the American public... once again, this is the party of myopic selfishness, representing elites and elitists not the American public whom they deride as "rubes" and "deplorables." They prefer America's enemies to her patriots... if you don't believe me, ask yourself why they want to take away the 2nd Amendment. Like Jefferson said: "An armed populace are citizens, an unarmed populace are subjects."

The tech giants in social media are doing their part to silence dissent. Anyone critical of the Democrats and their treason are quickly censored on social media... I know, I've been banned from Facebook for over two years (for something I would never even consider saying) and have just been released from Twitter "prison" after six months. No one hates the truth more than a despot.

  Soleimani may have been the enemy of America, but there are far greater enemies of humanity who remain at large, right here in America.  It’s the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter — run by anti-human rights criminal Jack Dorsey — and other techno-fascist corporations that have systematically violated the fundamental human right of free speech, all in their efforts to silence the truth about dangerous vaccines that maim and kill, at minimum, tens of thousands of American children every year… even according to the U.S. government’s own statistics (VAERS.HHS.GOV). 

If you notice conservative Republicans have their accounts tampered with (shadowbanning etc.) while Democrats and progressives can post with impunity, often calling for violence against their "enemies." America is supposed to be based on debate, but now the Democrats, their media pets and progressives want debate shut down... it's the only way that their empire of lies can succeed. If your arguments can't stand up to scrutiny, the only way to prevail is to silence your opponent.

 In fact, Google is a far greater threat to American lives than all the Iran-funded Islamic terror networks combined, and that doesn’t even count Google’s gross invasion of the privacy of Americans, which becomes more extreme and dangerous with each passing day, as The Intercept has just recently confirmed in another bombshell article. Where are the military police arrests of the CEOs of the tech giants? Why hasn’t Trump ordered the State Dept. to seize the domain names of,, and for their systematic, repeated criminal violations of fundamental human rights such as the right to speak without oppressive, malicious censorship that denies the American people their basic human dignity? And what about Google’s AI weapons research that’s launching humanity directly into conflict with an actual “Skynet Terminator” scenario in the next two decades? Will we have to wait for Skynet to nuke us all before anybody bothers to try to stop Google’s global death machine from being constructed and deployed? The media, the tech giants and the stay-behind network of traitors from the Obama administration will all run this coordinated conspiracy to silence pro-Trump voices, criminalize Trump supporters, push an anti-America narrative and appoint Hillary Clinton as an authoritarian dictator who rules over the nation like the criminal mafia boss she has come to be. 

This is the real conspiracy that threatens America. The Democrat playbook hasn't changed since the 1960's- divide and conquer and silence dissent- it's right out of the Communist Handbook. Cultural Marxism's Long March through America's institutions is almost complete- they control education, the media, Hollywood, the music industry (which is far more powerful than many think), religion and much of government- that's why no Democrats ever get prosecuted while patriots like Gen. Flynn do.

 You’re fighting the wrong damn enemies, Mr. President! And nothing you do in the Middle East will matter one bit if we lose our nation to the left-wing authoritarian lunatics here at home. Google is a dangerous left-wing cult, and that same cultist mental illness has crept into Twitter, Netflix, Hollywood, universities and left-wing non-profit front groups like the ACLU. Yes, Soleimani was a lunatic, but even his actions didn’t even begin to stack up to the coordinated genital maiming of children now being carried out in America under the cover of “transgenderism” and “tolerance.” The pedophilia rings, transgender surgery “medical violence” groups and left-wing cult indoctrination centers (i.e. “West Coast universities”) have got to be stopped, or there won’t be anything remaining of America to save from the militant Islamic terrorists. By the time the Islamists finally overrun America, all they will find is a land of lunatic hyper-feminized males, self-mutilated “nullies” and chemically castrated eunuchs, all praising rainbow flags and celebrating the post-birth infanticide of human infants who someone managed to survive the abortion attempts. 

Want to know what the leading cause of death in America was in 2019... Abortion- the wholesale slaughter of a generation of citizens. Believe me, this has nothing to do with "a woman's right to choose," and it isn't an issue of "women's health." This is an issue of genocide cloaked in acceptable, even noble sounding terminology. The Catholic Church, once a champion for the unborn, since Vatican II has abdicated its responsibility in favor of climate change and molesting little boys. Anti-Pope Bergoglio is merely a communist politician that's sold out the Church to the UN- he's no religious leader by any stretch of the imagination. He's also trying to interfere in the 2020 election but you won't hear about that from any Democrats- particularly "Catholics" like Nancy Pelosi and Quid Pro Joe.

The enemy is already inside the gates and they've been here for decades. They didn't even need a trojan horse, we welcomed them in with our silence. The time to have stood up and stopped this was when it began in the 1960s with the Vietnam protests. We just kept quiet hoping they would go away... but they didn't, they ran for public office and we didn't. Now we're hoping that Donald Trump will do the job we didn't do back in the 60's when we had a chance of winning. Naturally, when he fails we'll blame him rather than ourselves. The reason we got the feckless Jimmy Carter who gave public education to the enemy and Barack Obama who gave the country to the enemy is because we deserved them. Nobody had the courage to stand up and shout them down... after all nobody wants to be called a racist- words hurt.

The culture war is over and we lost... time to get used to it. Trump and Qanon aren't going to ride in on white chargers and save us, the enemy is too strong- they've been building strength for over 50 years while we were silent. We bought all of Hollywood's filth and participated in the sexual revolution... and wasn't it fun? Now it's time to pay the piper... like the old saying goes, you can't unring a bell. You can vote your way into this situation, but you have to shoot your way out. The left can still be defeated, but it will take a national change of heart... and it can't be done without violence. What it all boils down to is how bad do you want your country back? The Democrats and the left are willing to sacrifice as many of you as it takes to keep their hold on power. Now the LGBT and transgender crowd are gaining momentum... but nobody says a word- don't want to be a homophobe. This isn't going to end well.



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