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How is the token ecosystem lately? My wallet is bursting with tokens! This morning received the nice surprise of some LEO tokens to match my staked PAL tokens. So glad I staked them (and bought more of them on steem-engine).

For those who don't know (have you been living under a rock??), LEO is a new front end project for cryptocurrency investment news/views. Just like PAL, but based on crypto investment. Find it here.

I'm not much into investment issues, so won't be posting through steemleo much, but will tag this post with the requisite #steemleo tag to get me some more tokens. It will be interesting to see if people dump in the same fashion as PAL was initially dumped after its airdrop. Given the LEO airdrop was only given out to PAL stakeholders, perhaps the bulk of coins went to those more interested in longer term investment. I won't be dumping my tokens just yet. Will hodl and see how the community goes. Will you be hodling or dumping yours?

This was a bit of a nothing post, just felt like joining in the token excitement that is flooding the blockchain today. There really is a good buzz about the blockchain lately (thanks @steem-engine).

But I will use this occasion to remind you about my two side projects - @steemtaskr and @photocurate. Use steemtaskr to complete tasks set by other steemians for cold hard steem/sbd. And @photocurate is set to be a steem photography curation project. Check the latest post for details. Follow both accounts for periodic airdrops of tokens. Yes, MOAR TOKENS!! :)