Token Madness!

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It seems that every day I have more airdropped tokens in my wallet. I don't even know what most of them are for. I'm not really one to collect small value tokens, so I'm giving away some of these tokens. Just be the first to request a token (only one token per user), and you can have it. You can check how many of each token I have (and therefore will give away) at my steempeak wallet.

The tokens I'm giving away are:

Have at it folks!



I would like the JAHM

Hello. I am interested in the Sports. Will help in my newest initiative.

I don't really get the point of 4 billion different tokens. Why not focusing on 1? :D

By creating these 4 billion tokens we lock up value in the one base currency - STEEM.

Besides. I dont want a feed full of cat videos and when im lookin for a feed full of basketball highlights.

Good point! Thanks for that @videosteemit !

Spt is useful for me! If you are giving it away, I'd be happy to receive!

I wouldn't mind some more SCT to my collection. Thanks!

HBO and MEEP please, if still available.

MEEP could be Steem's own Dogecoin :-)

Damn, now I want to keep it. :)

(you can only have one token, so I'll give you the meeps, unless you want HBO)

Got them; thanks very much!

Haha - keep the MEEPs :-) I only seem to get 1 in a blue moon.
I'll just have the HBO, thank you!

Sure im willing to take that GEEK off your hands if you're willing!

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My opinion is biased but I believe you made a wise choice there. :-)

@holovision oh, go make it meaningful already before you go tootin' your own horn over my preferences! haha

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Fair enough. Yes, sir! :-)

I want FUTURE please.

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