My Acti-unfit Report For Today

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Put in some good couch time today. Did manage to author a post (scheduled for later) on a new account of mine - @photocurate. Follow it for some free tokens (and an intro post). Did notice something interesting about my post rewards. I get heaps more PAL than STU (steem). I guess this means that my followers/voters have relatively more PAL than they have SP. Interesting. I've staked all my PAL and even bought some yesterday at steem-engine as I was suffering from PAL FOMO. Still can't get used to saying "PAL". In Australia, at least, Pal is dog food. Really bad dog food...

In other news, I reached Silver level today at steemmonsters and also surpassed 1000 DEC. I also cleaned up two daily rewards really easily. Great day at the monsters!

Ok, normal posting will resume shortly...


dog is like

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