Life Is Not Perfect

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Life is not perfect, life is not fair. Actually, life is indifferent. Life goes on. You either go with the flow of life, or you get swept along in the rivers of life.

We will not always get what we want. And though it hurts a lot, what should have happened, happened. We have seen better days, but we have also seen worse.

However, although we might not have everything that we want, we do have all we need. We might have some aches and pains, but we are alive. Our lives may not be perfect but who’s life is.

So, sometimes, we need to take a step back and look at life from a different perspective. When we do that, we will find that our life is not so bad after all. That is what life is all about.

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Some wise words. We can especially have high expectations or fantasies or dreams when so much of our cultures paint such magical stories and sometimes amazing things do come true or happen, though, sometimes things suck too. It's important to try to keep things in perspective and I think that saying "Hope for the best, but, prepare for the worst" can be fitting.

"Hope for the best, but, prepare for the worst.' - That is a good philosophy. It is one of the many things I learned earlier on in life. :-)
Perspective - That is another catchword of life! Understand that there are many perspectives. Make sure you got the right one. :-)
Thank you for taking a look and taking time to comment. I appreciate that.

Contrast is offered and arises to continue the creative process. Contrast is the shadow and depth of creation. It need not however overwhelm us. I like this post.

I am glad to hear that you like the post. Thank you for looking a look and reblogging the post. I appreciate that.
When we have the right perspective, we will not be overwhelmed. :-)