Winged Shadows and Red Petals, Haiku, Red and Monochrome Monday @old-guy-photos

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Winged Shadows and Red Petals

red poppies
blue freesia sprig
ice pierces the heat

IMG_7642 (2).jpg


Today's post is all about mixing the cold with the hot and the muted with the bright. It is of course #redmonday and also #monochromemonday on the steem blockchain. What better monochomre subject can there be but shadows? @melinda010100 just also happens to be hosting her fantastic weekly #shadowcontest.


IMG_7677 (1).jpg

And so do I got shadows. Bird shadows to be exact. Tons of them. The Museum of Vancouver is hosting the Wild Things, a collection of poetry, installation art, and taxidermy, of course. As you do.

I complain birds never stand still long enough for me to get any good shots. Melinda gets them by the dozen. But I found a loop hole around my limitations. The show's shadows were an exhibit in themselves. Mulitple light sources served to double, triple, quadruple even the dark forms. The vulture above looks like a line of hunched-over old men.

You got shadows overlapping shadows and even a fluffy-tailed squirrel makes a cameo over on the right. He somehow manages to look menacing with the magic monochrome.

Too much dark ... let's throw in some more color for kicks.


IMG_7985 (1).jpg

red dahlia
unfolds her frills
stars dance around


IMG_7678 (1).jpg

Alright, steemians. Now I am going to need your helps. Which bird shadow picture should I enter? Melinda? What. That's cheating. Well then. don't tell me what you think.

There is still time to enter.

I will close out with one last shot of red.

IMG_7642 (1).jpg

All photos are my own.


Speaking of shit, I took a dump in your wallet! Take a trip to the bathroom to claim your worthless SHIT!

This must be some really good coffee. Becaue you are making me laugh a lot today:)

OK, disregard my last comment in the newest post. You've already done it. But these are way cool. I think the best is either 'Shadowy Ghost Figure Holding Up Goose To See Over Fence With One Longer, Bristly Arm Outstretched', or 'Chunky Pigeon, Sliding Down Steep Hill Toward Shadowy Pelican, and Onto Bed Of Thin and Wiggly Barrel Cacti'. But I can't be sure. Love the post, so much going on in color and BW. You are very creative for sure. The hot and cold was amazing, and not just because my first Haiku read said something like Blue freezya pig. I often wonder what my brain is doing up there, sometimes...
I like your original much better, it matches the photo, and actually makes sense. And I enjoy your multiple 'layer' posts. Always so very creative and enjoyable. Keep up the great works, and Cheers.

Haha. You should definitely be in the business of naming artwork. I got a real kick out​ of this comment. I think you are the first one to notice my left-field attempt to tie it all together.

Blue Freezya Pigs for everyone:):):)

I can relate to the left handed stuff going on by like a flash of clueless light. My last post, the 28 Minute Freewrite on Plaid, was supposed to be a joke. As I mis-spelled Played as Plaid and blamed it on my mother. No one got it, probably just thought I don't have a dictionary by my desk and felt bad for me. Oh well, a guy's gotta try what a guy's gotta try.
Maybe there is a great living in naming other people's art. Then again...

As the shoemaker writes...As awlways,
Yours in the Frozen Blue Piglet, DD

Nah ... I noticed. LOL. I figured it was meant to be played and spell check had done a number on you. I was going to tell you and then forgot to when I got to the end of the piece. Sorry ... what was my name again:):):)

Why thank you, um....Bethany. Yeah, it might have been a bit dorky. Even with the last little bit, it didn't exactly fly. Oh well, sometimes you catch the fish, sometimes the fish catches you. ( I don't think that's how that goes, but it's about time for bed...) I appreciate the thought though. I'm always up for help when something goes sideways awry.

I will keep that in mind. George:)

Enjoy the vote and some free shit!

That is the best kind. Haha:)

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Wow, pretty and colorful flowers photography and good luck in the shadow contest.

Thank you, Kam:)

That’s a clever way to get bird shadows. I snapped some crow shadows at a beach the other day, and might have to enter one. As for yours, I like the third one best. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you, kunschj. I think that might be the one:)

Beautiful vibrant flowers, cool Shadow shots and a Haiku what a great post ;)

Thank you, JJ:)

MOst welcome :)

I like all the shots, but the last one on the left that has a kind of peacock collected in the highest stands out. A hug dear friend!

Thank you, Zeleira:)That is a good one:)

Could nearly do a rabbit when i was a kid, with the right torch! Beautiful pic's Pryde :) cu :)

Haha ... that is where I peaked with shadow puppets too:) Thanks, Ray:)

Wow you had a really good eye out for those shadows. Voting on Pal Net :)

Cool. Yes I am looking for cool shadows everywhere now. Thanks to @melinda010100. Thanks Paul:)

Canada is very similar to Ukraine! I now understand why many Ukrainians have moved to live in Canada. There grow the same flowers and trees! They feel like they are in their homeland.

Thank you, Olga. So tue. I even have Ukranian heritage:)

Very interesting shadow photos and the red poppies, beautiful!

Thank you, Sunscape:)

More red! You're really good at these! :)

Thanks, Ross. But the flowers did most of the hard work.