If a Tree Falls in the City, Haiku, Some Orange and Tree Tuesday w/ old-guy-photos

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If a Tree Falls in the City

IMG_8239 (1).jpg

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When a tree falls in Vancouver or even just a limb, it's a big deal. Seriously, the authorities are called out. This giant Catalpa was given harsh treatment from a passing truck. The damage to its branch, a branch the size of a smaller tree, caused it to separate from the tree, taking a good portion of the trunk with it. It isn't usually just the one tree damaged. He ain't heavy; he's my brother does not apply here.


The Catalpa across the street bore the brunt of the fall and may have to be destroyed as well, depending on the extent of the damage. The beautiful giant may be too vulnerable now to toppling itself. It did play a hero of sorts, protecting the neighbouring buildings from damage.

IMG_8235 (1).jpg

A loss of any one of these trees is a tragedy for west-enders. They have beautiful broad heartshaped leaves that offer shade in the summer and gorgeous autumn gold. In Vancouver, they tend to be the last tree to lose its leaves and offer some much-needed color into a very grey November. Their blooms are orchid-like​ and an abundant food for pollinators. Hopefully, both giants can be saved.

Okay, enough worry. It is good to remember every tree seed holds a giant.

Tuesday is also the time for orange.

precious marigolds
metal in my neighbour's yard
no mining allowed

IMG_7984 (2).jpg

A thank you to @old-guy-photos for hosting the tage.

All photos are my own.


That was a close call there. No smashed cars or shops or people : ) I hate it when trees have to be taken out of neighborhoods. We have had a lot of old trees fall in the park near me. It doesn't look the same at all.

There seems a whole in the sky so to speak. Thanks for the visit, Ross:)

Good report Pity for the tree, I hope it can be saved. Those flowers are spectacular. Greetings, my dear.

Thank you. Looks like they will be able to save the one whose limb fell but the neighboring tree will probably have to be removed.

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Accidents happen. Good thing the marigolds were okay. That's all that matters lol!

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Thanks, Lee. They were miles away:)

That is indeed very sad when that happens!

Well I do host the tag but I may have been thought of as the tage before LOL

Haha ... you are such a tage. I can't believe no one has ever told you that:)

:D Nope, but I do know I am silly LOL.

Dont even try to tell me you didnt look it up....Fess up!

I was going to include the Urban Dictionary page on it, but thought it would be more funny if you had to look it up. LOL

Haha ... nah, I just look it up now. But if the shoe fits, you gotta wear it, Cinderella:)