Hitch a Winged Lift, Haiku and Walk Wednesday in Vancouver w/ @tattodjay

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Hitch a Winged Lift

IMG_7784 (1).jpg

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purple allium
starlets sit by the roadside
hitch a winged-lift

IMG_7791 (2).jpg

These alliums, also known as the giant onion, are the fleur-du-jour here in Vancouver. I wonder if that is because they are a favorite with the bees and other pollinators, or if they were on sale.

Whatever the case, they are everywhere this growing season, and yes the bees are not turning them down for a sip and a lift.

IMG_7788 (1).jpg

giant onion
a bee's view gets lost
stars in her eyes

There is more to see in Vancouver than giant onion flowers. But hey, we do have giant onion flowers. Tell ALL the bees. Soup's on.

We also have the Sylvia Hotel, one of our few heritage buildings and vertical gardens in the city.

IMG_7793 (1).jpg

IMG_7798 (1).jpg

Come fall, its facade is autumn done to the max. the ivy may be invasive but it knows how to throw a party.

The building behind is famous for having a tree on its roof. The original tree died last year and so you are not looking at the original tree. The running urban myth is that every celebrity who is rumored to live in Vancouver lives here, from Bryan Adams, to Peter Gabriel, to Sarah McLachlan. They must all flat share.

IMG_7795 (1).jpg

On the bottom floor of the hotel, you will find its restaurant and bar. In addition to some of the best views of English Bay, you can watch real-life Vancouverites drink far too much while they listen to tourists talk way too loud. The menu is uninspired unless it is wine but the experience is one of a kind. One of my favorite places to hang out. Go there.

IMG_7800 (1).jpg

I will sign off with a shout to @tatoodjay and a flower.

IMG_7799 (1).jpg

It was a hot day and the flower was feeling it. But despite its ruff edges, it hung onto its beauty and scent. It's good to be a rose. Even when you lose your​ looks, you're hip.

(Did you get it? Did you get it?)

All photos are my own.


First off Ohh yes I was hip tot he rose and got it :)

What a cool and fun post, I have notice a lot of those onion flowers here this years as well and also noticed the bees love them

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you, Jay:)

MOst welcome :)

Beautiful flowers and walk 🌹 @prydefoltz! Love those hips made into jelly! :-)

Thank you, Shasta:)

Purple puff balls! And i love the ivy on the building : )

Thanks, Ross:)

Very welcome!

Ivy on building is awesome. Do they light the tree on the roof at Christmas season? Love the humour!

Thank you, Jo. They do indeed:)

You have a knack for capturing the green ! Are you using a filter ? I feel like I missed so much Vancouver from my visit last year when I look at your photos. If only I had the pictorial record of Vancouver via Mdme @prydefoltz

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Thanks, OZk. I don't usually use a filter (sometimes chrome if the light wasn't all that good) but I do edit my shots. I am using an Iphone and the shots aren't always true to life and you have to breathe life back into them. Vancouver is a very green place. That's all natural:)

Beautiful greens! I also like the close up of the onion flowers. It would be cool if those myths are true.

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It would be. Thank you, Lee:)

Lovely photos Pryde, and word's too, yeah !!! I got it, unusual for me. Thank's for the Birthday wishes (FB) 2nd to last photo, I see a creature with wing's 4th window from the left, bottom floor, in the middle :)