A Creamsicle Heart, Haiku and Flower Photography

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A Creamsicle Heart

IMG_7858 (1).jpg


lilium, heartstrings
blooms in the sun and melts ...
a creamsicle core

IMG_7857 (1).jpg


Asiatic blooms
lilies far from home
rooted voyagers


The flower above is known as the Asiatic Lilium or commonly the Heartstrings Lily. All photos are my own.


Gorgeous shots and, as usual, great haiku.

Query: Are creamsicles yellow in Canada? Here, they are vanilla centers dipped in orange sherbet.

Thank you, Denise. They are many shades as the orange runs together with the cream. But I suppose it would also depend on the batch and how much and what coloring they used. Are they name brand or off brand? The possibilities are endless.

Well… the only ones we ever had in the house growing up were mother's and they were the brandname "Creamsicle" – and we were NOT allowed to touch them on pain of pain. I may have a mild aversion to them, I guess. But, I cannot be sure since I also have asthma and must avoid orange food coloring because it causes wheezing. I did adore Orange Crush soda as a kid, but every time I had one, I ended up having an asthmatic episode later – so I just learned to avoid stuff with orange coloring added.

However, in warm weather, I do occasionally make vanilla orange milkshakes with OJ concentrate and vanilla bean ice cream – it's been a favorite of mine since I had one at Disney World as a teenager on a youth retreat with church.

Sounds delicious, Good to avoid the food coloring.

It's easy to make. About 1/6 of the OJ frozen concentrate, about 2/3 cup total (3± smallish scoops) of ice cream, and about 1 cup or less of milk, blended for one person.

What beautiful flowers love the colors

Thank you, JJ:)

Most welcome
Have a great day

Fabulous photos! You are so good with words!

Thank you, Melinda:):):)

You should not be reminding me of Creamsicles, or Dreamsicles, this late at night. Now I feel like an ice cream. No, go to bed, DD. I love those things. And your photos and haiku's fit so well with the flowers. They do remind me of those bars of delight. Thanks for making my mouth water, and giving me something to dream about as I drift off. A whole garden of frozen, edible flowers. Sigh and large smile. Cheers, and here's to more flowers that look like such things in life.

There are no calories in dream creamsicles:) Have the whole box:):):)

You always come up with the best ideas. So I'm going for a gross tonight. 144 should get me through till morn ( :

Haha. I think so:)

I like that green in the middle fighting it's way to be recognized, adding interest to the overall picture.

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You are very observant. Thank you, Lee:)

WOW...such beautiful colors looks like a lotus around the outside :)

Thank you, Hangin:)

Most welcome :)