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Immigration resonates with the Trumpist base, but most other people just don’t get bent out of shape over it. 11+ million more citizens does not seem to be a bad thing for those who aren’t part of the base.


As a nation we close down our borders, get a firm grasp about the imminent national security danger of communism and the dangerous path it is taking us, get a firm grasp on the natural law, and once we fix our own internal problems then we can focus on naturalization again.

It matters quite a bit as each adult citizen holds a share in sovereignty in this nation, and that they see their shares being diluted not just to foreign interest but particularly to communism. The consent to be governed is being robbed from the people on a wholesale level, and along with that the government is being empowered to deprive people of life, liberty, and estate without their consent. That is an evil in which the people have a absolute right to rebel. The communist do this intentionally as a powerplay for power, and where once we saw an open borders Europe we see states refusing to prosecute islamic rapist-and the people lose their basic protections as citizens and become second class. Journalists reporting on islamic grooming gangs can be held longer than the child rapists. Both here in the states and overseas, we see the local media refusing to report on violent crimes claiming not to upset certain immigrant communities-unnecessarily leading to more deaths when the unsuspecting people don't know how dangerous these parts of the town have become. The peoples response in Europe has lead to a rise in nationalistic sentiment. I seen northern towns that had 100 years of staunchly voting for democrats where the mayor started crying for help that they can't afford the immigrants, and then these towns suddenly became hotbeds of kkk activity. Things like Naturalization do matter; especially when it undermines the consent of the governed, when it drains the budgets out of communities, when they carry out jihads against us, and when it turns its own people into second class citizens or reduces the quality of the nations services to 3rd world expectations.

America needs to redevelop and rediscover what made the west and western values great, and to reclaim that as our national culture. Mexico had copied our constitution but lacked our spirit of law, and d' Tocqueville wrote that they fell into cycles of anarchy of despotism. The transcendental spirit of law is important to the constitution and the people less we see the same thing-which we are. It's not that the 11 million illegals can't learn-surely they can; But we are on the verge of losing this nation to the global communists, and the communists are wanting more people who [or likely their progeny] would be voting for handouts at a faster rate than we can convince people that communism and socialism is crippling us.

To some extent, almost all people are socialist to some degree-particularly when they call for governmental services to be forcefully subsidized from the citizens. The Global communist tend to be much like the socialist, but don't believe in borders or budgets. Both moralities should be rejected. Even despite existing problems, unmet wants and needs including the student debt crisis, and the hard limits, we are $28 trillion in debt and it is difficult to see an escape before that debt swallows us whole-less we fall to hyperinflation. There are other realities like the demand and supply of labour and real estate, where immigration tends to cause the cost of housing up and the wages to go if foreign trade wasn't bad enough. The consequence of this is people start to see a country that produces a vast amount of wealth and demand their "fair share", or look at the things they could have if not for the government spending it on other sets of people. These hard limits also have extremely bad consequences that leads to discrimination against the immigrants, the rich, the poor, the mentally ill-and Jews. Historically, socialist make it the rich v the proletariat. But that same envy also manifests itself into why can't I or my kid have x, but this foreigner can have y.
These levels of envy, particularly as budgets become more strained or quality of services continues to decline, are what leads to all manners of class hatred. This is what also caused many black Americans to vote for Trump in 2016, particularly if it meant they could be able to send their kids to schools that weren't failing; What wasn't being spent on illegals, could be invested in their needs.
Additionally with the left seemingly spending covid relief on everyone but Americans but for a pittance ($1400 per american for every $10000 spent), and with a good potential of a housing crash ahead there is a good chance Americans will feel resentment to the politicians who sold us out to the foreign states. There is a good chance that if we do have a housing crisis soon; a new era of fuedalism will begin by those who buy up cheap real estate-maybe big tech will be the fuedal lords, maybe foreign investors who used the covid relief money. Additionally that resentment will, as it always have, be unfairly redirected to the Jews.
There are some of us out there on the sidelines calling out the present similarities of the Wiemar empire. I am one. Milo Wrote that the left could create the next hitler and hence our need to stop them, or get out of their way., I responded to a milo post with this.


All 3 [user] responses included a "sadly"; They have already blamed the Jews.


Maybe you can say it is confirmation bias or that they were white nats or worse, but I am not sure to what degree that matters if it reflects the current and historical calculus of evil we are in. We need to examine and end this destructive cycle we are in, less we repeat the same mistakes of our past. We are a broken nation in great need of repair; but we have a CCP selected president literally ripping out this nations own intestines out and throwing it at us saying it is good for our own good, when really this nation needs to be in the ICU and a real leader.

It resonates with working class people on the left and the right and the center and up and down, which is why you are unaffected by it.

Of course, if I am wrong, and you are a working class person living paycheck to paycheck please do feel free to correct me. I only have enough money in my bank account to last 4 or 5 months if I got fired tomorrow. How about you?

And do you have a job where someone can easily take it via low skilled replacement labor?

Curious to know, understand if you won't want to reveal.