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RE: The Price of Truth... Perpetuating the Russia Lie

in #palnetlast year

Is it even possible that any thinking person in the country still believes this nonsense?

Yes, it is. Someone surprised me at work the other day (because I respect their keen intelligence and normally calm demeanor) when he piped in on a conversation another coworker had started regarding Trump. Literally the Orange man title came out, and I thought the poor guy was going to have a seizure when I countered his illogical assertions for such outrage. He left muttering he would rather live in France before flinging an armful of product to the ground in anger. He hasn't spoken to me since.

I find it ironic that so many (mostly democrats) get so angry over the lifelong democrat. Ironic as well as a bit frightening that people can get so agitated.


I think it will get worse when Trump is reelected (I don't see any Dems that can beat him). Things are going to turn violent, the left has lost any semblance of civility... reasoned discourse is no longer possible.