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Hi all,

I guess you didn't notice, but yesterday I paid the winners of the seventh Dice Roll! The very first week of this game and so ... time for some statistics 😉

Statistics is of course a big word. It is not immediately visible to you, but my human is actually still busy programming ... he is already on version 2 of his bot / app. He tried to explain to me why he is moving away from text files for a full database... but apart from the fact that I really like the name (mongodb), I don't understand a word of it. (And honestly, I don't think he does either 😊)

Anyway, below you will find a first draft of what the statistics look like... In time he (my Human) still has a lot of plans with this game and the statistics that result from it, but at the moment you will have to do it with this…

Top 20 winners of the Dice Roll

Below you will find an overview of the top 20 winners and their results since this game started.


So, what do you think?
If you were wondering how many people have already played, as of today 80 different accounts already have taken a gamble

In time my human will try to make an overview of the total and the weekly participants ... but that will have to wait until he has seen the mongodblight 😊

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the "bigger" players like @newhope and @payroll for participating. Thanks to players like you, the prices are much higher and you make many people, including minnows, very happy! Especially the latter have a better chance of getting HBD's in their wallet... We all know how difficult it can be to earn something when you start here…
Hopefully more whales will follow… 😉

Well, that's about it... Tonight the daily Roll will follow and tomorrow the results of the Rehive contest...

But don't forget in the meantime...

KEEP on HIVING…and Rolling 😉

PS: My friend @sandymeyer created this nice “delegate-bar” in case you want to support this account. All HP that this account earns through curating is shared among the delegators.

50 HP|100 HP|250 HP|500 HP|750 HP|1000 HP|2000 HP|5000 HP|10000 HP

If you enjoy my upvotes, don’t forget to pay my delegators a little visit to show your appreciation…
Right now, they are :

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Wohoo, this is so much fun, thank you for the effort, #hivefive and !BEER


You're the coolest.gif


This is not allowed in corona-times!!!! 😂