Moving from PAL to CreativeCoin. Let's try to keep bidbots out of this tribe.

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With all the bid bot abuse and HF21 madness going on on the main STEEM websites right now, and with HF21 set to make bid-bot on the main STEEM sites even worse, PAL as wildcard/default Scot tribe has been a great refuge for me recently.

I currently have some 600 PAL staked, and had been considering selling some STEEM and increasing that stake. Recently though, the CreativeCoin went life and I received a 1,000 airdrop. CreativeCoin is a Scot-Tribe like PalNet, but it is aimed specifically at creative content.

So today I decided, for me, it is goodbye PALNET, hello CreativeCoin. I am powering down my PAL and staking it in CCC. So far I've staked 2,000 CCC, and I have 90 STEEM in outstanding buy orders. Tomorrow will be my first (of four) 150 PAL power downs, that I will also be using to increase my CCC stake.

Not sure yet if I'll be going beyond this level of staking. Things kinda depend at how successful we as a CreativeCoin community are going to be keeping out the bid bots. Anyhow, I'll for sure will be using part of my voting capacity down voting bid-bot usage on #creativecoin tagged posts. I feel it is of high importance for any Scot tribe to, from the get go, set out to keep out bid bot use. People, the airdrop for #ccc has been egalitarian enough, and the coin it currently cheap enough compared to the size of the airdrop for nobody to need to use bidbots. Let's all try to keep it that way and as a community agree that downvoting bidbot usage, any bidbot usage is socially unacceptable within our Scot Tribe.

Anyhow, lets not start off assuming the worst of people. I believe #ccc has what it takes to become an amazing and vibrant community, and I'm happy to become part of it.


I don't think you really need to port from one to the other that way, it's not healthy for the system at large, I'll advice you keep on posting using the two tag. And please take it easy in the bid bot flagging.


Don't you think we have an opportunity with new Scot tribes to prevent what basically ruined the core STEEM economy? If we simply all consistently downvote bidbot use on posts that use our favorite Scot tribes, we create a situation where bid bot users will start to realize they need to choose between using bid bots or using tribe tags, hopefully resulting in much cleaner and healthy scot tribe user experience and token economies.. Do you see any problem with that logic?

I tried doing this for a number of days for palnet . I got one guy about six times my own size in SP going for retaliation, and that sucks, but if we stick together (as happened in this case), even retaliating douches will eventually get the message.

Sigh. You're bad in economy. Totally wrong. The demand of steem or this kind of SMT come from

  1. speculators/investors
  2. people who wants louder voice
  3. people want to reward creators for good creation, and motivate creators to create more they like
    It's important for the second and third, that's the robust demand. If there's only the first kind left, steem would be just a Ponzi scheme. And currently it's pitiful that the most demand came from number one, and it shrinks as the capital of digicurreny decline. There's only few the third kind of demand. Now that you push away the second demand, it only makes the economy worse and unhealthier.
    If you get other thought, refute me.

This kind of naive reasoning is why STEEM is at 79M right now while EOS is at 3,600M. Read some of my posts on the problems with the EIP, on the ideas behind @steemsense-eu and on the need to expand beyond the 7 day pay out economy.

If you want to learn about economics, I suggest starting off by learning about inflation economy size.

It's absurd that you compare steem with EOS. These two system are totally different. EOS is much more comprehensive, BM can even create a new social media on EOS while steem is only a social media itself. The SMT now depends on the centralized SCOT bot.
I'll read that if I have time. Wish your articles don't waste my time. Can you provide the links?

There are so many... Would you translate them to Mandarin so it would be easier to read?

people are still on Steem even when on Palnet or Creativecoin or any of the other Tribe sites. They are just a layer on Steem where the distribution can be better than what is currently on Steem. IF someone wants to use bots they simply use them on Steem

Bid bots influence is likely to grow with HF21, so you are entitled to feel this way, I believe.
If that's what you want, you will certainly have better chances in a smaller community like this one, compared to Palnet, which is growing bigger and it will be harder to have an impact in. By the way, the tag is #ccc.

the tag is creativecoin

Thanks! Apparently I confused the tag name and the token ticker. And I was sure enough to correct @pibara without double-checking, which is bad on my part.

Thank you for your support in the Creative Coin community. We are hoping to build a very strong community and it begins with the efforts of members like you that believe in the long term goal.


Welcome to Creative Coin. We will see what happens here, too.
Meanwhile. we can make this community real and stronger.

Honestly, I would caution against going all-in on just one tribe. We all know that a community is important, but having multiple communities within the same ecosystem is just as important. You can use both tags, and have multiple rewards coming in.

That said, the tribes are still on the Steem blockchain, and everything you publish on creativecoin, palnet, steemleo, etc, is seen on the Steem front-ends as well. As long as the tags are relevant to your post, you should be able to use them all.

So with all of that in mind. We have no real way of stopping a dev from creating a bid-bot to use. It's beyond our control to an extent. We CAN keep them from rewarding in CCC, but if they decide to reward in Steem, there's not a thing I can do.