Pennsif's Sustainability Curation Digest for MSP - week ending 21 June 2020

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So the longest day has come and gone.

It brings joy to celebrate the onset of summer.

But sadness to realise that every day now gets a little shorter.

Until the cycle of the seasons begins again. And I get one year older.

So with the shortening days make haste to read five more great sustainability related posts I've found on Hive...

My Sustainability Five Picks of the Week...

The Gardens - June 17, 2020 by @goldenoakfarm


Irrigation to me is a challenge because of lack of Equipments by @wanasoloben

Community Garden in my Locality! | My Wednesday Walk! by @rem-steem

la forma del agua siempre nos deja sorprendidos con su magia by @galberto

The Minnow Support Project has multiple curators that pick five posts from under-valued minnows each week to highlight through MSP3k. This way MSP and PAL can promote new writers and content creators on Hive, and in effect reward them for doing a superior job.

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this is a nice initiative, congratulations!

Thank you for the support:))