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RE: It is never easy to be Movers and Shakers

in #palnetlast year

Certainly, this blockchain gives me the impression of being a long-term bet, in fact, that the shutdown requires weeks to complete is something that is part of such an idea.

I believe that without these Movers & Shakers that you mention, it would have been more difficult for people like me to keep the faith in the project and move on when last year many people withdrew and stopped publishing because of the STEEM price drop.

In my personal case it was @crypto.piotr and the partners of @project.hope who gave me the courage to continue and advised me how to improve my content, I have a lot to learn (I feel that too much is what I need to achieve some satisfactory level) but without these supports and comments I don't think I would have kept trying to create content, learn and grow.


I am really glad that @project.hope is making a difference in your life as you progress to be a better content creator.

Most important is the continuous willing to learn and the perseverance.

It is very unfortunate that there are just so many people do not value the price and take this place as just a Milking Cow and dump efforts many sacrifice to make a difference here.

I suppose, Steemfest 4 opened my eyes to understand better of those who struggle silently while being misunderstood of their "high up position" (as movers and shakers)