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RE: BTC buy for December

in #palnet10 months ago

I have read a variety of forecasts that ensure that this year you could see a notable increase in cryptocurrency prices, I do not usually rely blindly on auguries, but it seems that the analyzes coincide to a large extent, so I think that accumulate when prices still They have not increased is always a good idea.

On the other hand, from my limited experience, speculative investment to generate quick profits is always attractive, 'but I think it is fatal for blockchain development projects, so I always support actions like the one you do when you accumulate your cryptocurrencies and To some extent show a strong level of confidence in these as an investment.

A comment to the margin that I want to ask, or rather a question, in the image of the spreadsheet I see in the first column the values: 2.08 - 2.09 - 2.11 - 31.11 - 29.11 - 4.01. Is that 29.11 is perhaps 29.12? It just caught my attention that it seems out of chronological order and I thought it could be a typing mistake.

I've been working together with my friend @crypto.piotr and few other guys on non-profit community project build on steem blockchain. It's called @project.hope

Please allow me to share with you link to our latest article, where we're explaining our economy and our goals. Your feedback and comment would be greatly appreaciated.