ZRX staking on MetaMask. ETH Rewards from staking pools 😁💪🏼💯

in #palnet7 months ago


Hey everybody, today I show you how to stake your ZRX coins on their website 0x.org and get Ethereum rewards for providing liquidity to the peer to peer trading pools that they offer.

This is a perfect way to make passive income off your Crytpo and one of the best ways to get Eth without buying it or trading yourself.

I go step by step from the very beginning and as long as you have Eth in your MetaMask wallet you can follow along with me easily. I even start with the MetaMask browser so when I enter the ZRX website address 0x.org it detects my MetaMask wallet instantly.

You can use your coinbase wallet if you don’t like or have MetaMask.

I hope you find it useful and it gives you another way to earn interest and rewards with your crypto, as well as demonstrate a great way for ZRX tokens to stabilise their price now and in the long term.