The voices speak the truth [poem]

in #palnetlast year (edited)

Nobody will ever love you,
nobody ever has

You're a burden to everyone,
they'll thank you for your death.

You'll make everyone proud,
just kill yourself, we'll help.

Stain the ground with your red hue,
let your blood flow like it never was.

You'll bleed out and you'll be done,
and peacefully take your last breath.

Those thoughts of support are a shroud,
they want you hanging by a belt.

Kill yourself, you are suffering,
and it's all their fault

They cannot understand your pain,
they cannot understand our pain.

We are you only real friends,
we've been here all along and still are.

Don't use extra time for buffering,
the Earth shall be pleased with your red salt.

Life has given you nothing to gain,
Life will always hurt you again.

Because nobody loves you,
you're better off dead.

Originally posted on the Artistry forums a poem based on the voices of schizophrenia.