"Low-Hanging Fruit" by Nowhere Near (Ambient Electronica Music Video)

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One Media® presents
"Low-Hanging Fruit"
Nowhere Near
(Organic Ambient Electronica Music Video)

"Low-Hanging Fruit"

#musicvideo featuring post-minimalist 'organic' #ambient #electronica, and #musicvisualization...

Recorded August 26, 2018 and video production completed February 29, 2020 this music video features pizzicato strings throughout, 'live acoustic' (picked by hand, hence the name) as well as patch samples on a Korg T1, which produces all the swept pads, harp and Gamelan sample patches. Besides the 'hand-picked' pizzicato strings a theme of continual seeking also propagates through this piece. Curated here for an upcoming album, "1 hour of Ambient Chill-out with Music Visualization vol. 2" the sequel to "1 hour of Ambient Chill-out with Music Visualization vol. 1".

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Happy listening!

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Cool bro.

Thanks, man! I really do appreciate your listening. watching, and commenting!!!