'dnb free 2 ... ' (Drum-n-Bass music video) by Nowhere Near

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'dnb free 2...'
a music video from an upcoming album,
'DnB Free 2'
Nowhere Near

'dnb free 2... ' is the first tune recorded for an upcoming album, 'DnB Free 2' , the sequel to the first Drum-and-Bass album, 'DnB Free' by Nowhere Near, this latest forthcoming album itself is a sequel going deeper and harder into developing themes explored on the first album, essentially an extended jam, featuring rhythmic sensibilities best befitting a Jungle, NeuroFunk, Progressive, or Liquid, Drum-and-Bass Electronic Dance Music style along with instrumental soloing reminiscent of Free Jazz.

This Drum-and-Bass meets Free Jazz twenty-six minute jam was recorded on 2019 May 19 and 20, then edited and mixed-down the following two days.

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You can watch the music video of the entire first DnB Free album immersed in relaxing music visualization

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