Turbo Steem Hamster Wheel

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I slept over my yesterday's post, pulled the plug and jumped off of the hamster wheel.


Some big changes I made today:

  • deleted the whole fan base from steemauto and application from my bookmarks. No more auto votes.

  • I unvoted almost all witnesses.

  • tried to delegate my steem power but because I claimed too many account tickets my RC are too low and I'll need to wait to recharge.

edited: delegation went through now.

I'll move all activities to Palnet.

My plan is:

  • make one short post each day and self vote it.

  • curate posts on Palnet and manually upvote posts I like no matter who writes them. No more vote for vote.

  • write comments and replies if I'll have time.

  • unfollow some account just to clean my feed. Nothing personal.

That's for the start but I'm not afraid of any change.

What I'm expecting?

Voters will disappear, the last commenters too. View counter doesn't exist anyway.




Me leaving.


Well, it's not a real porch but you got the idea.

Don't get me wrong, please. I like steem and believe in the project. These recent events were just the trigger for the move I was planning for a long time.

I like you all and thank you for all your help and support. It was simply too much and I know I did some injustice to many followers, voters and commenters. It was not on purpose.

Sorry, the day is just too short.

I'm not leaving steem though.

No way. It's my home. I will just sit on the porch and rest for a while.

And keep collecting cionz of course.

That's why we are here. Don't be ashamed to admit.

Will see how that goes.

I can jump back on the steem hamster wheel whenever I want.

Keep grinding, my friends.

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The vote counter is coming back. Andrarchy wrote in a comment that they are planning on a new vote counter, probably after SMTs

Progressive thinking! Might I ask who you're using for delegation?

Progressive thinking!
Might I ask who you're using
For delegation?

                 - kus-knee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Go to steemworld, enter my name and check outgoing delegations.
But I don't have any inside information.
Just my gut feelings. But you know how that goes.
Guts are unpredictable.

Hi ya @oldtimer,

Sounds like a plan!

Action items......sound perfect.

You will be enjoying yourself again in no time!

All the best to you and your good lady! .....and kittykats too! ^__^


Thank you for your kind words. Your principles are always welcome.

Palnet huh, so many people are on that, I should be too.

Just use tag palnet in your posts.

i still lv ya :)

It will be interesting to see if your auto-voters go away. All they watching to see who stops voting for them and removing votes as well? Or do we have inertia at the top?

Do you see better quality in pal? I have not really looked over there, since I vote here.

It's still early to compare, but you only need to use palnet tag and still post on steemit as usually. You might get some rewards. And no bots here and a group of moderators.

Yes, that is what I have been doing. I tag all with palnet now. I average about 0.50 pal on each post, so I will soon be rich!

I post only with dapps that pay on steem, and the couple pal posts I did there got nothing in comparison. I thinks it is best for me to stay on steem, but we shall see with this fork thing coming up.

Really good plan. I also am doing some things differently. I can't leave though, I also love Steem and my friends here too.

I'm glad you are sticking around. Fresh Start.

  ·  last year (edited)

vote sell your steem move to PAL and with liquid steem from vote selling, buy more PAL at least until a better smt/platform comes along. :)

I just escaped from vote selling and bots. I will be collecting coins with delegation to projects.
I have enough steem and pal if they survive and thrive.


  ·  last year (edited)

To the fresh start.


Ne znam sta bih ti rekao :)
PAL je iskoristio pravo vreme da lansira projekat - koji pa... jos uvek nema botove ali se nagrade dele 50/50 (sto je glavna tema i nezadovoljstvo korisnika na steemitu). Ipak dobar marketing i popularnost PAL servera i tima koji stoji iza kupi simpatije svih ozlojedjenih stimićana. :)

I drago mi je što ne napuštaš platformu, ostalo je sve nebitno. :D

Živ bio! :)

Hvala za podrsku.

I have not heard of Palnet, but I will check it out.
Wish you all the best on your new changes and your new plan @oldtimer, but glad you are not leaving Steemit.

You just use palnet tag and your posts will show on palnet where you can get upvotes on top of steem.

If you don't mind, I would like to know that how you are getting pal token everyday from @tokens.

I bought a bunch of pal tokens and I'm already getting post rewards. And I also bought some miners for pal if you are familiar with.

How much you paid for miners? And is it benefited to mine Pal token? I am not very much familiar with mining crypto or token.

Read the post of @khaleelkazi for more information.

That is a game changer. Very inspiring and resteem worth.


It's good to re-evaluate things from time to time. I have never done autovoting or bots. There are some people's/groups posts I always upvote because I owe them (without @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse group I wouldn't be writing), but mostly I upvote on merit and to reward people who don't get much in the way of upvotes but put in the effort. I'm not making much Steem or PAL but I'm not here for that. I'm sticking with Steem and hopping onboard with PAL too. Good luck with the new plan! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Bold move, man!

I came to the point where a compliment from the prominent steemian it's worth 10x more than upvote.
Always looking forward to reading your posts.
Your Vlog from two days ago about HF21 keeps your witness gang of brothers one of a few on my voting list.

Hi, @oldtimer!

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Nice plan. I have also been recently bulding upon my palnet acc. Have couple of PalM miners too. Good luck. Cheers..

It's all about the fun or at least satisfaction for me. It's a pretty bold move on your part, but, I applaud you. Right now, this sheep collected her airdrop and is trying out PAL and keeping the steem right where it is, but, watching.

I have always manually curated and have never done vote for vote or autovote, but, there are days it seems to make sense. But, the whole point of the interaction is to get out and read and connect, so, if I don't have time, well, I have to just let it go and try to make more time tomorrow.

I was surprised to see the move, but, you seem happier with the changes. Good luck and pull out that easy chair and enjoy the ride. :)

I do miss my tipper tool. :)

A lot has changed on this platform, many need to rethink their strategy. I hope everything will come back on track soon.

I'm interested in your strategy and will be watching closely to hear more from you about how it is working. I'm a Pal!

Manual curation for the win!!!

Well I am on Pal voting this post! I staked my coins from the drop. I also have steem I am will to invest. I must say the coin is moving right now!

Very interesting idea. You gave me a lot to think about with this one. I love your creativity and way of providing a different look.

I already have a few thoughts about this in a similar manner.

Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.
I read all your posts and must say that your vision is even far-reaching than mine.
Keep on with good work.