Start of tribulation

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I was surprisingly awoken to the early hours of the morning. A phobe call in the middle of the night? Perhaps it is nothing I summised. Come to find out in the wee hours to begin my close friend's birthday he was traveling to upstate Michigan to camp with his daughter(14). While on the highway a deer tried to cross. Myfriend locked his brakes and seemed to miss the animal until it reversed course. His car collided head first into the animal. Both objects careened into the middle of the road. His automobile collided next with the guard rail and came to a stop intersecting the fast lane of traffic. A phone call was quickly placed for help. Right after the phone call my friend realized most of his warning lights were out. He told his daughter to move to his side of the vehicle. What seemed like as soon as she unbuckled her seat belt they were struck by what was reported as an SUV. The only problem I currently see with the news story below is that he was able to get free after the second collision. He pulled his daughter out of the middle of the road and attempted cpr on her lifeless body.

Many might feel this is lacking privacy but the girl's mother already published her name. I just want a record to remind me and many others what can happen in the blink of an eye.

Here is one of multiple articles.

Remember we battle against principalities of spirits. She was baptised on May 15, 2020.


Hello @nutritree,

Thank you for sharing this experience to open your eyes, you are right, the tribulation can start in the blink of an eye.

Well i was mostly referring to that I believe this year is the start of the great tribulation from the revelation.

Excuse me, I still have to hone my English skills. I also just realized that I didn't read the last sentence, because I was arguing with my son about the strange things that happen in the world, he is very skeptical. However, following your argument, yes, I think we are very close, judging by the news that we see daily in the world that when contrasted with what Yeshua said in Matthew 24, it seems that we are in days similar to the times of Noah .

In this sense, the best thing we can do is to enter the lane of what God has ordained for our good.

There have been many prophetic statements from spirits around my country. Http:// helps me dicern them.

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