New Steemmonsters look like much more fun as long as you are on PC

in palnet •  10 months ago 

I am playing some @steemmonsters today and earning some good DEC. I put some cards up for sale and upgraded a summoner. I need to do some more work around the house though. I won't be working before this next steemace event. This will be my first event and I just joined my first guild. I think @steemace will work well in this multiverse.

I recently took some steemnova loot away from my opponent's alternate cheater account. I did lose my resource fleet last week when I was busy. I will be trying to research graviton very soon. I have reached the top 100 within the steemnova universe.

I am still showing everyone the whale hypocrisy with my face and watering my hashplots. I hope some growth will show soon there. I hope more steemians take action to prevent the reward pool rape.

My wife and I cleaned up the mess that was my office. I can now fit more than two people in the room that is 10 x 20. I am actually getting some work done but is $steem work? Playing cards and moving ships to earn some crypto. I need to get my Dash miner back online. I need to do some dash reading to see when dashdrive might be released. Onto the Event.

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