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First of all I like this group and want to tell you why. While proud of being who you are, you seem humble. I wonder this daily if I will ever be good enough to be called a Christian or even a man. I like the fact that you all do not take crap from others. I will be the first one to ‘F’ myself off if and when the time comes. I hope it never does.

Now onto the introduction. I was a child of three and the oldest in my generation. I was named after a former alcoholic that hated his middle name. He received the spirit and led multiple congregations leaving me only the word “euphemisms” before I was born. As a child of 1982 my brother would be the opposite of me and fall right into 1984 (an important book by George Orwell). I was raised a capitalist yet my mother always told me not to take advantage of my brother and sister. Now they take advantage of her. I want to stand on my own two feet per the legacy left by my grandfather LeeRoy the first. Our DNA contains a good amount of Cherokee and Shawnee. I know that natives only consider you a member if you are registered with a tribe/reservation. I was told that I was not registered because my grandfather never wanted anything he didn’t work for.

I grew up playing video games as the son of an airman. I was able to support my siblings and coerce them to benefit everyone. I learned a lot about technology from making computers work for my video gaming habits. As I grew older the video games became more of a distraction and based on what we know about dopamine triggers I was trapped like a rat in a cage. I learned how to troubleshoot problems well but could not push myself to the next level and troubleshoot programmatic code. By this time I had raging hormones and worked in fast food restaurants for some spending cash. Never able to manage a budget properly I floundered because the companies I worked with kept laying me off when times became tough. I made some of the companies a good amount of revenue but still found myself looking for a job after a project was over. My family was rather political and I gravitated to my local Faux News talk radio station. Eventually I was outsourced to the Philippines in 2012, but not before I fell down the rabbit hole with Infowars at a 2008 tea party in Dayton, OH.

The rabbit hole was long and deep and the echochamber of Alex Jones’ Infowars was far and wide. While I still consider him a gatekeeper he does provide a lot more than the mainstream. I liked David Knight the best because he kept calm and stuck to the facts with a little bit of his point of view breaking down his perspective. Talk radio became my stream of choice and I listened to the radio all of the time while fixing users and software over the phone.

After being outsourced I decided to get higher in the food chain so the set backs would not be so hard. I would be able to lead people and help them understand the current situation of the world far beyond their purview. I was tired of the endless wars fully believing that nine eleven was an inside job even though I still can not agree on one method of demolition. I gravitated to the Fairtax and sound money. Without inflating away savings the endless wars would not exist and people in my backyard would have better lives. After all, why did Bill Clinton plead with the Saudis to take Bin Laden and why did the CIA train the Mujahadeen? I found a knack for solving automotive problems and continued to bang my head against the brick wall of idiocracy.

Eventually, I was able to place the title of Manager on my resume before learning we should have no titles. At least I was only an assistant manager. I left the dead end parts store because I was never rewarded no matter how much money I saved them or revenue I earned. They make people do a lot of service and then refuse to permit tipping. Then a digital signage company was buying up every business it could around the world including an old warehouse in my neighborhood. I needed a four dollar an hour raise to keep the family housed and fed.

I was hired directly and treated like a temp. Put this nut on this screw over and over again in production. I was impressed it only took them 2 weeks to discover I could read prints and troubleshoot computers. I was told to create their logistics department and met a man I worked with previously. He was more skilled with technology than I was and had friends in higher places. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and worked a lot of overtime. I learned a lot about manufacturing and logistics. A new manager arrived and treated me as I didn’t exist so I made friends in the RMA department and started tearing apart LCDs. I saw how the company really operated then and I knew I did not want to remain a part. I received some chincy raise and longed to take action to restore the US republic.

I tried to build a business myself over the years but could not motivate and activate people enough to get one off of the ground. I was very happy that I changed jobs because when the plandemic/scamdemic was launched everyone at my old job was laid off. Many times in my life I have felt providence. Now I am pledging to join some boyz because like me they seem to want a lot of action. Get out of the gutter please this action will cost you dearly. No one wants war but we have been thrust to the front lines to defend our way of life, liberty, and property. This is fifth generational warfare that is fought on many other fields besides the battlefield. While I am very untrained in tactics and warfare I gravitate to lawfare. Without lawfare the deep state would not be able to fleece the people in such a manner that they hand over their rights daily.

I use the largest words I can in order to expand communication. In person I prefer to focus on body language etc. Sometimes these qualities jump out more than others when good times roll. Even though people might get angry because they fail to understand I am able to quickly catch them up to speed and diffuse the situation. Establishments and institutions have proven that they care not for freedom yet people at the bottom have been so dumbed down that they know not what they do. I am not great enough to call myself man or Christian and so I wonder the world doing the best that I can with the lemons provided in order to live free and die old. I hope the boyz find this well on the blockchain and many of them understand the uncensorable and long lasting nature of the chain. While it is not as reliable as precious unobtainium it is the best currency yet invented. Stay humble boyz and your enemies will lay themselves at your feet.

This is all I have time for today. Please forgive my grammar as I have not revised much. Hive ON!


All of this writing feels in vain. I am too passionate for a male fraternity. I wonder how many other people can say the same.

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I searched 'the boyz' and was redirected to some boy bands, a film, and a few other things. Are you referring to a deep state type group? My apologies, I don't have a tv or instafacebook or whatever it's called. I get a lot of my info here on Hive so when someone mentions a specific group several times, one I'm not immediately familiar with, I do what I'm doing now.

I saw your comment here, the one about rambling in vain. I actually appreciated this read, you put it together nicely. Also, I don't think there's a such thing as 'too passionate,' if that were the case I'd have even more issues than I currently do and my pockets are overflowing.

Just a few paragraphs from a dude you've never met. Enjoy the rest of your week.

This guy thinks cannabis is addictive!!!! Hahahahahahaha

This guy thinks cannabis is addictive!!!! Hahahahahahaha

Wow just wow!!! Funniest thing ever!!!!!

Everything is addictive. If not physically then mentally. Without the will to control your impulses people can fall by the wqyside. Just because you use more punctuation doesn't change the impact of hollow words.