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The supposed milkers--those raping the reward pool, circle jerkers, etc and the steem gatekeepers are one and the same. That's why any form of virtue signaling is laughable.

Those who have been making huge profits selling voters over the years suddenly came up with this EIP to curtail abuse, or in other words, steem that's not going into their pockets. You've made profit selling voters over the years. In your defense it was a necessary evil, so why don't you afford other people the same opportunity? Or do you think people want to make 3-4 substandard posts every day to earn pennies? Do you think people actually enjoy posting everyday?

Now c'mon how many people here are making something substantial these days? So what's this whole talk about milking steem? I don't think anyone has the moral right to talk about these things. In one way you have milked steem, either through your network of friends or buying huge amounts of steem. You've exploited the system. You are no saint.

Currently, steem is torn between two elite groups: the supposed gatekeepers who have actually exploited steem for the longest time and still try to hold on to any piece of their conscience they have left and those who milk the reward pool without any remorse.

To be frank i am fine with those who go about their milking business without poking into other people's business. At least we know how to handle these folks (i believe the EIP was the right response to their activities on steem). But for the supposed gatekeeper who is always virtue signaling, it's hard to call. Now we are left with these supposed two-faced people who consistently poke into other people's business. Steem isn't any better with them. In fact, things were better the old way. Enough went around, you just needed to put a little effort. These days you can double your effort and end up short. That is the reality of steem today. And clearly, a lot of people are not having it. They've left.

The merit factor. It has never been about merit. Your network and stake are all that matters. I have no problem with that but we should always realize that people are willing to exploit relationships and advantages others don't have. If i know that all i need to do is make a couple of friends and get auto votes rather than working and promoting my content i would explore that option because it is easy. No level of guilt-tripping can avert that. It is just human nature to be opportunistic. People are naturally amoral. They do what is in their best interest. The failure has been in our inability to make people see that putting steem first is in our best interest, but how? You've been told to hodl whilst everyone else is cashing out and you watch your investment take a nosedive. Every rational human being would do damage control at that point. So until this can be resolved, i don't see a way forward really.

Get as much as you can. That's the game--it has always been. The early adopters got as much as the could, enough to dictate things here and even chased those who won't do their bidding. Survival is the name of the game. Don't worry about what's right or wrong (you should actually because there is a much bigger world than steem). It's all about self-preservation. No one here is doing anything that isn't in their favor.

I want steem to thrive but there are just so many bottlenecks. The hypocrisy is alarming. I am indifferent about these things. I have played my own part so i am not innocent either. But unlike some of you here i know and acknowledge that. Maybe there is some redemption for people like me, who say things like they. I guess for many, speaking frankly about things hurt other's ego and exposes their schemes/illusion but everybody knows really. Every one of us knows. If you've been here for quite some time you know. Probably this is one of the reasons you don't buy this steem mooning narrative that was so popular at some point. While some were preaching 'hodling' they were selling in chunks but never failed to chastise those smaller fishes who were selling their pennies.

Before now i would probably be very angry writing this post but i have come to terms with the reality of things. I milk as much as i can with my soul intact, help when i can to promote steem. This is my only moral obligation to steem. Asides that, I'm paying no self-righteous entity talking about dignity any attention. Steem is where it is because of their bad habits. Fix it and stop policing people. No one even cares that much to listen. look around you.


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Very well written post. I have been here since July 2016 and STEEM has always been a weird dumpster fire that has tons of potential but never reaches it. So many missteps that everyone's teeth are busted out from falling down and smashing them out on the side walk.

I will continue to promote crypto and will continue to post here more because I'm stubborn than anything.

I did the math and really a person would have to get 1,000,000 SP to effectively extract enough from here to stay ahead of where they would have been if they would have just bought a crypto with better economics like Litecoin , Monero....etc

We will just get a few pennies here and there. That is just the reality.

We can get a little bit of crypto and say hi to some friends.... but STEEM going mainstream....... nah

Circle jerk some bulls milk is all we can hope for 😨😳

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Well said.

I am quite new and dont know much about anything here. But I have seen enough to understand your frustration, things that must be counterproductive if the aim is the attract more users. But there are some really awesome people here as well. If we can focus our attention on the things we like and want more of, we will get more of that. If focus our attention on things we don't want we will get more of that!

People are naturally amoral

This is where I disagree with you. The reality is that a very small percentage of people are that way from birth. The rest are conditioned into that way of being and their numbers are growing. Often when we push back in a certain way we become the same as what we are opposing.

No man is an island, the reality of survival is that we need each other.

If we can focus our attention on the things we like and want more of, we will get more of that. If focus our attention on things we don't want we will get more of that!

It is my practice to take everything into consideration, the good, bad and ugly. And most importantly find solutions or quit complaining because it does no one any good. I try my best not to complain. It is even a goal of mine but at the same time, i do not like it when people are bent on pointing fingers especially those who have benefited the most from this flawed system. Enough of that already.

We might not be able to influence the price of steem but we can bring about positive changes to the way we curate content. Those who have the power to that aren't. They are rewarding mediocre content based on relationships, influence, etc which in a social setting is quite understandable but the blockchain isn't generating enough in revenue to cover for those excesses. That's the problem.

Solution. There are a bunch of them. We all brainstorm these things every day. There is no perfect answer. We keep trying and learning from the experience. What pisses me off is seeing those who have benefited the most, those who have raped the reward pool the most try to guilt-trip other people for their actions. They don't have the moral ground for that.

No man is an island, the reality of survival is that we need each other.

So we should work collectively to achieve our goal. This project is getting old already and we have little to show for it. I want that to change. And somehow i don't know how that would be possible.

What attracted me to your post was that I share some of the same internal struggle that you expressed. So I am talking to myself as much as I am talking to you. Sad but true lol

I believe it was Gandhi who said 'Be the change you want to see'

So the trick must be to get really clear about what change we want to see exactly. If we are unable to articulate the change we want, there is little to no chance that we will be able to create it.

I want to see more people here. That can only happen when the content quality improves and content creators begin to care more for an audience, rather than money. That is the goal for me.

I want to see more people here.

Yes that would be great for everyone and the price of Steem.

However i don't think that the quality of content has much if anything to do with the amount of people here, or the declining number of post (that may be just my perception but I feel quite certain because I have looked at the new post tab a lot it's how I found you)

I think the declining numbers are more likely to be connected with some of the issues you mention in your post.

IMHO Attraction and Retention of users comes down to three things.
The quality of connection with other users.
The ability to accumulate Steem.
The ability act on the platform as dictated by Recourse Credits.

A big mistake being made, in my opinion, is the attempt to attract investors. If the platform is made user friendly, anyone who has spare cash will invest. But we are creating a platform that is not very user friendly as outlined in your post.

Maybe I should make a post about this?

I agree with you @hone.heke, and yes you should. As I noted in my last post, I've been here nearly 3 years and establishing myself was difficult. I was fortunate to have help - links to posts about that - also in that post.

@nonsowrites: I've come back and re-read your post and as I've just said, I agree with Hone's comments. They echo what I'd have said. What I will add, though, now that I'm here, and as I keep on saying, I came for the crypto and stayed for the community. I don't have a financial or a technical background and part of my survival strategy has, by and large, to ignore those issues.

I will acknowledge, though, that it's sometime easy to be drawn in to some of the behaviour you describe: especially noobs. However, one can also withdraw from those groups/stop the behaviour. I have, and, frankly, have benefited from doing so.

Your encouragement is deeply appreciated.

I will acknowledge, though, that it's sometime easy to be drawn into some of the behaviors you describe:, especially noobs.

I think this addresses one of my concerns. There is a culture here for putting the least effort and earning the most reward. That should be looked into. Easier said than done. But i believe those with influence can change that. The major problem here has always been that there isn't a tangible way of measuring value. For example, my last video earned 2views. That's poor by any standard, i shouldn't be earning for that despite the effort put into it. It clearly shows i am not putting in the effort to create buzz for my post. This post has gotten the most engagement i have in the longest time and i feel without penny got was earned not gifted.

This is how i feel things should be.

However, one can also withdraw from those groups/stop the behavior. I have, and, frankly, have benefited from doing so.

It takes a lot to stop a habit that rewards you positively. But it is doable.

“They are rewarding mediocre content based on relationships, influence, etc “

I don’t think we can ever do away with this part. I think it’s just how society runs on every level. If you give people free will, this is what always happens.

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True but it can be curtailed to its minimum. The same way we curtailed abuse. A system predominantly based on merit will always bring about innovation and improvement. That's what separates most first world countries from third world countries.

I think we should focus our attention on improving things than policing people around. The downvote pool hasn't necessarily improved the quality of content, it basically stopped people from abusing the reward pool. Like we all have agreed the quality is subjective. What we can only do collectively as a stakeholder is to make sure we reward the best. I want to look at the trending page an aspire to be there, knowing only the best contents get the spotlight. This is the only way people will change their posting habits. The challenge is that this is isn't a centralized system although power is concentrated in the hands of a few and in my opinion, this is the best time to change the steem social culture. Some things just stick and are hard to correct when they are allowed to tarry for too long. I guess that's one of the reasons we have been struggling for too long. People are only willing to do the barest minimum. Maybe it's time to change the narrative. Easier said than done.


there is no innocent and guilty. Use your stake to allocate rewards there is no right and wrong.

There is only our best guesses in an experiment.

We will never have consensus on what is good content. Just do your best thing.

It's also a sign that big guys panicking at the moment. Together with Stinc and block trades.

We will never have consensus on what is good content. Just do your best thing.

That might just be a problem because the community is still very small and power is concentrated in the hands of a few and if we can't sort things out at this size. Hmmm, i reserve my comment

You're exactly right on this. Very well put. Have a !BEER on me

I wish we could get this post on trending page instead of one of those potato and burn nonsense.

That would entail replying a lot of comments. Too stressed for that now. But thank you.

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They are rewarding mediocre content based on relationships, influence, etc which in a social setting is quite understandable but the blockchain isn't generating enough in revenue to cover for those excesses. That's the problem.

I hear what you're saying Nonso and agree with many of your points but how do you quantify what is good content and just mediocre ??

It's kind of subjective in many regards,imho

I agree quality is subjective but i believe we can aggregate quality when we compare and contrast. Here is my take really, a lot of us know here that we are not putting in our best and when such effort is rewarded, it is almost impossible for people to improve. Notwithstanding there is a demand for mediocre people just need to know it exists, it just needs to push harder. There is value everywhere and in everything.

I popped over here thanks to @enginewitty. I touch on some of these issues in my steem impact post for @theycallmedan. I am also calling over steem pal @nickyhavey.

Finally, I will be back with a proper comment. In the meantime

Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks for the tag, I've left a comment but I feel the OP has a lot more knowledge about the ongoings around here than I do. I'm a relative noob :D

Great reply ^^ :D

The other day I came onto steemit and every time I went to upvote someone a slide bar would show up. I didn't even know what to do with it. I'd move the slide around a bit then hit the white round button....I know what you are thinking....yeah, it was real naivete but I guess I was having to much fun moving the slide bar around to notice the big green upvote to the left (lmao), well anyway, after that happened about three times I had to go look at my account and someone had delegated enough for me to get to minnow status. Long story short I can now upvote you any percentage of nothing you'd like, if you have a preference let me know otherwise to make you feel better I will give you a one hundred percent upvote of nothing. Cheers!

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if you're getting harassed by downvoters, set your rewards to "declined" so they don't hurt your rep (but you still get rep from upvotes!!)

You've got a pretty decent rep (79!!). Downvoters with lower rep than you won't bring your rep down.

Also, even if you decline rewards (on your own posts and comments), you still get rewards for your curation upvotes!

He isn't being harassed, he has been farming forever with 99% self votes and shit posts.
Someone is finally standing up and doing something about it.

Thank you for your input @logiczombie

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Yeah, this is the most you have ever interacted with the community.

You still think you are investing in Steemit. That says everything anyone needs to know about you.

What's the alleged crime?

There is no crime, people are free to use their downvotes just as they are free to use their upvotes. He's been shit posting for over a year with near 100% self votes. Someone disagrees with that and used their influence to distribute rewards in a way that is more favorable for the community.

@freezepeach counters harassing downvotes, but, unfortunately only has about 3,000 steem-power.

At least you have the reputation of 79, so downvotes don't bump it down. For me, I got my rep bumped down from 27 to 8 and then from 32 to 17 just because one professional downvoter didn't like what I posted. (Every day he comes back and downvotes more and more of my comments, bringing my rep further down.) And there's no way to respond in kind. First - because my rep is now much lower than his and then because he never posts himself, hardly ever comments, all he does is downvotes and upvotes.
I cound understand if all upvotes and downvotes were equal: 1 downvote vs several upvotes wouldn't be that bad. But he has steam power of 12200 or so, so his 100% downvote turns out to be quite devastating. IMHO we should be able to disallow certain users to vote on our posts. (Sort of a "super mute" feature.)

I agree, I've said almost from day one, that the "mute" button should also block the muted user from commenting and or voting on your content. It would be a very rudimentary "anti-harassment" measure.

A better "anti-harassment" measure would be to have the option to set your blog to "friends only" (people you follow).