VIDEO: Snitch speaks to a man about #KCMASSEY

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Right now the government is hunting patriot Kevin “KC” Lyndell Massey. He is a dead man unless President Trump intervenes.

Below is a link to a White House petition to pardon KC. PLEASE SIGN, CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE.

This man is about to die for this Republic. Do not forsake him.

I am Cuban and I signed this. We must protect those who protect our Republic! You can’t say you’re a Patriot if you don’t AT THE LEAST sign this.


Soy Cubano y lo firmé. Debemos proteger a los que protegen nuestra Republica! No puedes decir que eres un Patriota si no te tomas el tiempo para firmar esto.


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@r0nd0n urgent

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I can't understand the video at all, what's this about and what do you need from me?

It’s hard for anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on to understand, but KC narrowly escaped a task force complete with air support. They don’t sent air support for a probation revocation.

He is witness to something far more than just illegal immigration. He shut down the CIA fast and furious smuggling corridor.

The info needs to be shared far and wide. His death will not be in vain, and if there’s even a sliver of hope the petition gets Trumps attention I’m going to push it. We got their attention with the Hammonds and I think we can get KC pardoned.