KARMA IS A BITCH! Barbara Berg best friend of #MDLAUGHTER on Dr Phil 9/1/2014

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I don’t know how we missed this.

The same woman who told a complex lie about the whereabouts of my weapons (that were lost at Malheur) and matched word for word what Jonathon “Skipper” Speece said to me 6 months before, the woman who conned Jake Ryan into surrendering, the woman who turned in our guns to the FBI at “the narrows” and the same garbage woman who derailed Duane Ehmer’s original ride to prison (and cost me the chance to ride with him and our fallen horse brother, Hellboy) was on Dr. Phil September 1, 2014.

She is accused of setting a house on fire to try and kill her children and of horrific child abuse.

This is the best friend of MD Laughter, FBI snitch and agent provocateur, and she fits the mold of those they use to entrap and incarcerate innocent and righteous men.

The blood of LaVoy is on your hands, Barbara. For me, at the sight of even this small promo clip, I am completed.

Karma got you, bitch. Here’s to your impending suicide.

You can’t hide from us.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” -Cliven Bundy

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