What goes around comes back around!

in #palnet5 months ago


I can't wait to see a Netflix documentary about all the shenanigans that have happened on Steem! Everyday I grow more confident that switching to Hive was the right choice. Steem Monsters was the only thing that kept me on Steem, now that they decided to switch to the HIVE blockchain there is nothing worth left on Steem.

Saying that justing shot himself in the foot is an understatement, he just lit a lighter in a room that was already full of gas. It is sad to see how one man was able to destroy an entire blockchain.


Whatever STEEM is going to the moon, don't kid yourself! We have a billionaire in charge, are u nutz?? If anything HIVE is going back to 15 cents!!

We have a billionaire as president of the United States. Would you like to ask how having him in charge has been going?

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