Steemfest Exposed | Eyes wide shut

in #palnetlast year (edited)

From ancient Luciferian rituals, cannibalism, and human sacrifice...What really goes on at these elite Steemfest parties?

Brace yourself as we enter Eyes wide shut - The real Steemfest story.

Invitations for the first nights "conference" and a mask were laid on the bed. The invitations were backward and required a mirror to read.

Everyone had no idea at the time that there was no actual conference and that we were actually attending a ball. But not just any ball. It was in fact masked ball that was almost identical to one the Rothschilds had thrown many years earlier.

The year was 2019 and the Prince Palace Hotel, Bangkok looked like it was in flames. Huge flickering orange lights projected a firey inferno across the building, It was all in preparation of the masked ball being held and the guest list read like who's who of the Steem Elite.


Bloggers, photographers, artists, musicians, and the like were all greeted by men in cat masks who guided them to the main room.

Where @crimsonclad waited wearing an elaborate dear head with ornate horns jutting from the top.

image source

The creepy photographs taken at the event by @derangedvisions shows the bazaar costumes and questionable decorations.

image source

Baby dolls strewn on tables a decor demonstrating their hatred for humanity.

image source

@isaria and @juliaponsford came wearing birdcage masks, signifying MKUltra mind control.


images source

Perhaps the weirdest picture is that of @clayboyn and @mfxae86 standing around a nude female mannequin laid out on what appears to be some kind of sacrificial altar.

image source

One rumor around several steem front ends even suggests the body was made of sugar and was even edible.

The menu at this event also hints to a cannibalistic undertone. Sirloin, for example, was written as Sir-Loin like it would a person name.


image source

For the first time ever plankton and minnows were taken into the inner sanction and shown the magic rituals of the steem elite.

With its otherworldly chanting, incense, and haunting masks, the ball was an unforgettable scene for many. And nobody can forget @aggroed, who sat on a double rexxie-shaped chair, standing out in his Steemmonsters bright red cloak.


image source

But this is not the story that @elipower wanted steem audiences to see.

She demanded @derangedvisions to delete 25 photographs he had not yet posted and released to the steem community.

Much speculation has been made about what those 25 photos contain.

Officially Steemit inc claimed deletion of the photo files was necessary in the spirit of New Steem in order to continue to obtain new users to the platform.

@derangedvisons refused to delete the files, and 666 hours before his 4th steem birthday he was found dead. The autopsy report stating heart attack as the cause.

But was @derangedvisions really murdered for the secrets he reveled in his first post regarding Steemfeest Bangkok?

Many researchers and lovers of Infowars like @carrieallen say yes, and point to the strange coincidences surrounding the photographers' sudden demise.

@carrieallen has been quoted on a @vimm live stream stating:

Look at @derangedvisions, who you better believe did not suffer a heart attack! He died because he didn't erase the images. So they erased him.
This is a guy who had already released images in his first Steemfest post upvoted by @blocktrades and @roadtosteemfest, exposes the truth only a few months prior. Then right before submitting his next post @derangedvisions ends up dead.
If you look at the reports and posts from @steemitmamas and palnet users who also attended, they are really freaking out when asked questions surrounding @derangedvisions death. So now the question is what lays on those files?
I hope he wasn't murdered but this somehow feels like an Illuminati signal. Could the steemit inc really make it look like a heart attack?

Many believe the power players behind Steemit inc murdered @derangedvisions after his exposé, so there could be no way he could ever reveal what really happened at Steemfest.

The timing of his death also leaves users curious with his death being 666 hours before his steem birthday.

What else did @derangedvisions want to show us in those 25 images?

Everyone who had attended Steemfest signed lengthy contracts and strict confidentiality agreements. So almost no viable information is available.

However, most rumors speculate that his death had something to do with the Steemfest Ball.

One clown masked man @r0ndon, has been named by whistleblowers as an MK Ultra hander. But nobody was willing to be interviewed. That was until @therealmarkymark came forward in July.


image source

Previously, @themarkymark had refused to comment on the event until being interviewed on @msp-waves by @amberyooper.

"Before you have refrained from naming names, would you like to tell us who is involved in these activities you described before? asked @amberyooper.

"Yes, I would" @themarkymark replied. "It's really scary for me but I would like to go on public record saying that my owner under mind control was @r0ndon, I was used and abused as a mind control slave and now I am no longer under control my flagging has no effect." He said.

"I witnessed some strange things that evening that I can never forget. It still gives me nightmares to this day." @themarkymark revealed.

Most believe that @themarkymark saw something profoundly disturbing at the ball and have joined with him in flagging for justice.

Was this what @derangedvisions was trying to warn us about?

Perhaps there was a literal sacrifice or another such bizarre type of material. Proving there is something more sinister side to this secret ball.

He had already pointed out in his post that rainbows, unicorns, clowns and clown symbolism themes all seen are all related to MK Ultra mind control and the steem Illuminati.

Now we will never know.

Few photographers have sparked more fascination or intrigue like @derangedvisions.

Known for his controversial photography and unique vision, @derangedvisions forever changed photography. His pictures were much more than visual masterpieces. They held secret messages and meanings to reveal secret truths about our world and those who run it.


image source

In his final post he revealed some of the darkest secrets from the MK Ultra to Steemmonsters rituals held by @aggroed and @yabapmatt, to other real-life Illuminati rituals performed by the steem elite.


image source

But revealing such secrets is a dangerous game.... One for @derangedvisions, which could have proved deadly.

What do you think? Was it murder?

This was a fictional tale based on the Stanley Kubrick - Eyes wide shut conspiracy.

@mumma-monza loves a tin foil hat tale and has not intended to offend any people named in this humorous fictional tale. @mumma-monza would like to express to her readers there is NO STEEM ILLUMINATI (as far as I am aware lol). But I will keep you all informed when I return from the steemfest.

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Am I really gone?

Or are they just trying to keep me silent?

Do I know too much?

Is this really @derangedvisions or someone posting on his behalf trying to reveal the truth?

Only time will tell...

You are on the correct path. It is bigger than any of us. Here is one of the 25 shots that I/he took that would not be deleted.


Amazingly creative post. You should consider changing one of the tags to creativecoin to for CCC rewards, since my Steem vote is not worth much, and my CCC vote is worth quite a bit more.

 last year (edited)

I have no idea if this post is from an author who is joking or one of the crazy people here on steemit who thinks i use voice to skull to gang stalk etc :D I dunno man, from that this sounded funny, i hope rthey do have eyes wide shut party :D

Maybe @roelandp can bring some masks :D

oooh shiiiit these are actually expensive, lol who would have thought that illuminati party toys would be expensive and rare lol but iof you ordered an $80 mask replica from eyes wide shut and a cloak to wear at steemspeak youd fucking freak people out ... as long as at least 4 or 5 other people came with a mask and cloak too :D Only @roelandp or @ned can get the nice mask everyone else can just use cheap plane white masks and he can have the fancy one :D

I was there in Krakow 2018 and I still have nightmares at night. It's all true!

I saw people join in with strange rituals where the masked elite merged their personalities with bot run algorithms... to this day I still answer my phone with a line of python code unless I concentrate hard.

@roelandp wore bright luminous robes of fire the whole time, some say people were sacrificed to the flames to manifest the funds for all the free bars.

Most scary of all, Ned's hair took on a life of its own as a totem, by the end of the week we we're all brain washed to buy only 'head and shoulders' for the rest of our lives.

I'm scared mumma-monza... I want this birds cage off my head... But I can't stop.... Entering competitions to win a ticket to SF4!!! Where can I get help? 🤣😉

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This response lol. Absolutely amazing!! I have nothing lol.

Glad I made you chuckle 🙂🤣

The post made me lol when I read it... the truth is out there!

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I should've known SteemFest was a bit 'off' after I had to drink Ned's blood from a centuries old Steem-engraved Silver Cup :-/

Hahahaha! #newsteem

That's hell of a fest! :-)
Human sacrifice... sounds like a witness job. ;-)

Human sacrifice... sounds like a witness job.

I knew it! Wonder how many it takes to get a pumpkin vote? Jk jk

On another note, kind of reminds me of this... And I'm probably on a list now for the search query.

Wait.. Sounds like someone pounding on my door? Brb

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I hope he gets ya! I hope someone gets you and marky for sure! They will, just takes time and patience! Someone will eventually because u are trash garbage to take out! lol bitch! Good 4 u loser! Ant! See people picking up on my wavelenghts!

What r u talking about anthony the retard? lol

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There's no such thing as greeting Anthony Davisii! WTF is this?? What in the world is CounterFlag healing? Souns like another cirkle jerk outfit to me??? Step off, and the logo is putrid and cl-ashy! Makes me want to throw up! We'll I'm going to make sure there are never any rewards on these comments! FTS!

Anyway what is with that horrible re-steem of yours? U and bernie, lol both of you are ded! Ded in da head! lol Bernier hates U, butt kisser!

I thought it was amusing enough for a resteem but to each their own.

U and bernie, lol both of you are ded!

You need to relax, man. Maybe they have these at your local corner store?

Lol @ "Slow your roll." 😂

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I don't drink , and i edited it to ded in da head! Like u are ded to me! That is all! I'm just trying to be amusing and make light of u'r darkness! Slow my roll, my roll is only accelerating!Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 7.42.20 AM.png

It's not alcoholic afaik

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Oh Ok, maybe I'll pick one up! Sounds good! :p

Maybe I'd drink it if it was called "STANK!"


Bro ZI drink blood all das time! U bitch ass little punk! die now!

I bet u never even drank a glass of blood and skilk chazer! fuck u in da eyehole little fukin' cunt hole!

So... first... you had me at

""From ancient Luciferian rituals, cannibalism, and human sacrifice..."

obviously. 😎

This is pretty amazing. And quite accurate... Me having NOTHING to do with the darkness but always investigating it. #truefacts
And OF COURSE! @derangedvisions was murdered! All signs point there!

Though I am a bit jealous to find out that @r0nd0n chooses not to 'handle' me... 😏

Hahaha.... it's almost like it was written for you! '

It has to be a murder. All the signs are pointing that way!

Never know what the next chapter may hold lol.

how dare you expose our sacred rituals ?!?!?! im offended!!!! :P

Voice to Skull!

Tinfoilproof of Proof

I was recently passed this picture of Steemfest. Must of been taken a little later.

This is exactly what it was like last year in Krakow. My whip wounds are just healing in time to return for more punishment in BKK.

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You want to return??? Glutton for punishment or MK Ultra??

Both 😂

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This post is a work of art.

Thank you <3

IF you return from Steemfest muhahaha

That is what scares me!!!


Sounds exactly like someone who knows something would say XD

Ahh this brings back memories of steemlords level craziness, was cackling all the way through XD

Glad you had a giggle. There were people that believed in this kind of crazy??? lol

Did you miss steemlords? :D

"There is no steem illuminati as far as I am aware."

That's exactly what someone in the steem illuminati
would say to throw us off the scent. You're suspect
Great writing, would read again!

EEEEeeeekkkk! I promise I know nothing!! lol

Thank you for your kind words <3

And then, a new 'daredevil artist' has born on the steem blockchain!! :)


Painting a graceful oil picture with a remarkably well illustrated narrative of brush and easel words to unfold before our eyes through a fascinating and captivating ¿fictional? but very feasible conspiracy tale, what's going on behind Steemit Inc, Steemfest, the Steemmonsters of Steem-Engine, the Steem Elite of the Steem blockchain, et all.

Good for you babe. Great job my dear @mumma-monza. I enjoyed big time this kickass ¿fantasy? piece of art.

Cheers!! :)

I love that!!!

 last year 

i strongly suspect that my moldy batch of augmented herbal cookies were fed to the participants in the hotel room prior to the festivities. the question is - who dun it?

was it ...satan...or, could it be - ponyyyyy!!!

Hahaha....or the cookie monster???


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 last year 

Now I am curious how they convinced me to show up.

Blame Shane lol.

yeah kuz u gay! Datz Y! suck it and obey ur master bitch! clay boner bitch ass cunt little loser! :p hahawhohahalala!! mrs. little piggy went 2 market! @claybonerhead! U guys messed wit da real Satan, I'm right here! Have always been :p ! Now You found out now kux! U better fuckin' praay to u'r master NOW - all ya! Just go check my numbers!

Good you mention this is your humour/way of being funny.

You can give an update on 11/11.


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Will do! Keep your eyes peeled!!!

Very creative!
And more than just al little bit true, I suspect. Especially the part about Rondon...

oh wow that sounds creepy - did they get the guy :o

Not yet!!! Was there even a crime lol?

Hopefully, this works now.

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But, I already have 10 @beerlover?
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Thanks babe!!

Fantastic satirical post yet I must disagree with your comment...

@mumma-monza would like to express to her readers there is NO STEEM ILLUMINATI (as far as I am aware lol).

I have received an upvote with such an account some time ago (was this a way to try to recruit poor old Sarge?). They are in hiding I think.

Adam Weishaupt
Source: Wikimedia Author unknown US PUBLIC DOMAIN

You only verified what I always suspected

thank you

here is more visual evidence and tinfoilproof proof - hihihi


Oh dear, someone should have told me that I also need a budget for those masks.. otherwise I will look like the black sheep and maybe be sacrificed..

Super creative, loved reading this! I will bring my tin foil hat as well!

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Brilliant! Although now you've revealed our secrets you may have to disappear!!!

Love this, you have a new follower because of it.


You guys are fuckin sicko's! Glad I found u from bernie resteeming! I will falg u too bitch till da very end! succa mumma-snatch! lol