Look what came in the mail

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Well here is a nice little addition to my collection, i used some of my Birthday money to buy this off Ebay.

I got it for a steal as i was the only person who bid and this is the problem with ebay when selling coins as everyone fancies themselves a dealer and a lot of people are put off as there is always a chance of a fake when you only see a pic.

The coin itself is a good and fills in one more space in my albums.


OLD DIME!!!! 😂🤣😂

Beats getting an old dame lol

Nice Job and that is a Neat Coin............

Damn that's a old dime

I do have some older and a lot nicer. I think the earliest is an 1835 dime

Happy Birthday!!!
That’s a good way to spend it!😊👍

Great find! The old silver has character and the history is intriguing. Thank you for sharing😎

Thank you for your kind reply 🤗