8 Reasons Why my Former Apartment was a Beautiful and Fancy Prison.



Pic by pixabay.

The beauty

1. The massive floor to ceiling windows.

They gave me the opportunity to wake up with the sun. I'm a sunny human. I love the warmth of the sun on my skin. Plus the perpetual glow that it gives me.

2. Living next to someone who I actually knew.

Given my current situation. Where the only thing I know about my neighbour is the sound of keys whenever they sneak in at night. I definately miss living close to someone who, I could actually have a regular conversation with.

3. Watching a cat getting stoked from the catnip on my windowsill.

She was a kindred spirit who kept me company on days I also got high on weed. Not that I ever shared with her any of my stash, but there was something satisfying, about knowing that the catnip, provided some kind of high for the cat. I used to imagine that by some weird twist of fate, me and that cat were in the same boat.

4. The abundance of silence.

It recently hit me that hearing myself think was a luxury I didn't know I needed.

The Fanciness of the prison.

In many ways, the beauty and tranquility of the place was constantly overshadowed by the prisonness of it. Here is why.

1. The fake church attendance.

I used to walk past my elderly landlord tending to her garden.
Dressed in my Sunday best. Pretending to be going to church. In reality, I was in fact on my way to an underground dope growers association every Sunday morning. More on that later.

2.The no-smoking indoors clause I willingly signed on my lease agreement.

I figured that the clause was binding only if I ever got caught. So I spent tons over time in room sprays and diffusers, hoping to mask the smell of my sins. I have since quit smoking.

3.The hefty rental I was paying for it.

Had I known what I know now, I would have chosen to be less of a lifestyle slave and more of a savings enthusiast. It's true that the place was beautiful but over time, my wallet became just a shell with nothing in it.

4. The no coming home after 10:00pm clause.

Like, who goes to a party and leaves before 10:00pm? This last one was not a problem at first because I really wanted to live in a nice place close to work. So to work around that issue, I simply told whoever was visiting to come earlier.

As for the fake church attendance. The advert for the place stated a young and Christian non smoking tenant was wanted. I really liked the flat so I thought I would act like I fit in. I agree, I didn't have to lie but my landlady once saw me dressed up one Sunday and said I looked good for church. That became my story.


Pic by pixabay