The Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Tribe is moving to Hive effective May 12

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The Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (Palnet) Tribe are happy to report that moving day is May 12. The tribe, including the miners, will be transitioned to Hive.

What does this mean for you?

On May 12th (6 days) all trading on steem-engine of PALcoin, PALM, and PALMM will cease. If you have buy or sell orders you're encouraged to cancel them.

As mentioned previously, when you post through you're not posting to the steem blockchain and earning tokens on steem-engine; instead, your post appears on the hive blockchain and after May 12 you'll receive PAL tokens on


To make this work you'll need your palcoin and miners moved from Steem/Steem-Engine to Hive/Hive-Engine. We'll be airdropping your steem-engine tokens onto hive-engine. The airdrop is scheduled for the evening of May 12. All tokens will be airdropped 1:1. If you hold them as staked they'll be staked. If you hold them as liquid they'll be liquid. It should conclude in under 24 hours.

Transition to Hive

Once the airdrop is complete all parts of PALnet will live on the Hive blockchain.
Post rewards are tallied from Hive blockchain posts and paid in PALcoin that live on hive-engine. So, if you continue to use the palnet tag on steem blogging interfaces it'll have no effect. You'll use Hive blogging tools and continue to use the tag palnet and receive your PALcoin tokens on

Exciting times

These are exciting times especially with the halving right around the corner. We look forward to seeing you posting on hive and don't forget to use the palnet tag to earn you tokens when you post to Hive!

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Great to see most of the biggest projects slowly transition to the more decentralized blockchain.

So we will get the same amount of PAL, which we have is steem-enginr, in hive engine? And we can just wait for the airdrop? Or should we do smth?

It says 1:1 for anything in SE. So no action required.

This is excellent I was waiting for this announcement. Hive on!

Really good


Hi, i hope in the move it will be included the promised airdrop of april...