100 posts!

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Happy to report that in under a day we've had our first 100 posts with people trying out https://www.palnet.io!

Thanks so much for the encouragement, support, questions, and activity! You're all lovely people!

Some updated images!

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Hi @minnowsupport, I have posted via https://www.palnet.io. I want to join the PAL discord.

Those images are quite stylish!


nice one . . . hahahahaha
semper et ubique !

Amazing success. I'm glad that my post was among the the first 100 posts on Palnet.

Thanks for creating PAL 😊

How do I join MSP on Discord?
How do I make to get supporting upvote from @minnowsupport? Please, explain me. Thank you.

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its cool to get a fresh start and this is the first kinda real SMT on steem, loving it

Beautiful! It makes total sense to post on PalNet itself instead of directly on steem otherwise you are missing out on rewards. I just wrote another new post about it today as I continue to learn the systems. Keep up the great work.

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Maybe,you can make me to whalefish???
Just for joke,guys