Making Palnet the one stop shop - Show all rewards

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Since I've been currently using Palnet as my primary fronted for the last week, there's something I've noticed that I think it would be best if addressed. I always have a tab also open with a Steem frontend and I'm constantly switching back and forth.

This isn't the greatest UX. Tonight I decided to brainstorm some other layouts. Here's a few mock-ups.


My first idea was just to show Steem rewards, but I think at the end of the day most users will want to know the USD value of their post at a glance, so in the next iteration I worked that in.


So I think this would be pretty cool. I'd love to see the USD value be a calculation of the Steem rewards together with the PAL rewards. This gives some additional functionality for those that might prioritize a SCOT vs Steem. I'd love to see these different SCOT projects getting as close to being their own end to end solutions as possible. ie not having to go to 20 different sites for common information and functionality that you'd expect one product to have.

I think it would be best if these projects asap started feeling like their own things vs being Steemit's kid brothers/sisters.

The only thing with this previous iteration is it's not as forward thinking. Lets just assume the SCOT tribes thing catches on, you'd probably belong to multiple communities and if we couldn't see everything in one interface we're back to the same problem. Ideally whenever possible I'd want to not have to jump to another site. Now since there will be some lack of overlap between the different tribes, to browse content you'd definitely need to jump sites, but I think at that level it's okay. There would already be a solution for if you want to see all the content from all the tribes at once, which would be any Steem based frontend such as Steemit or Steempeak.

So I think it would be nice to have as a feature of Nitrous the ability to pick up whatever scots you earned and include them on all Nitrous instances. This could be based on the tags you use and it shouldn't ever get too crazy since the number of tags that we can use is limited.


Which brought me to my final thought bringing it all together. Where we see the Steem payout there would be a down arrow that when clicked would show what you also earned on other Nitrous instances. The USD value could be the sum of all these rewards. This also would act as integrated advertising for other SCOT tribes. If you're into PAL, how would you know that WeedCash exists? You could be a hardcore mofo like me, but most users aren't so this would serve as a way users could learn about other projects without much effort. Maybe the names link to the corresponding frontend as well reinforcing this.

What do you all think? Raise your hand if you'd like to see this. Maybe resteem this post and make some noise. There are actually people that might listen here...what a novel concept, listening to users. :D

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Nice. I would love to use this UI

Great idea!

I'm currently working on a new version of a browser extension I made a while back which let's you quickly switch between different frontends, which seems to be needed now more than ever.

I think including this Scot info would fit right in! Mind if I implement this?

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Of course @stuffbyspencer, all my ideas are open source 😂 take whatever is useful to you.

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@steempeak to the rescue? :)

Yep I'd rather just have Scot functionality on steamPeak

I’d ALSO like to have Scot functionality on Steempeak. Stalking the discord’s, I’ve gathered this requires something on their end @jarvie?

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It's rather easy.
It's mostly just a matter of showing Scot related token reward amounts right?
Sorting posts by those amounts...
Anything else?

Only other thing would be having the total USD payout reflect the sum of all rewards instead of just the STEEM rewards. But I’d be happy to just see the tokens if that could happen faster. But yea ideally I think a user would want to look at the post and at a glance know what and how many tokens overall earned and the total value of the post.

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I do want this as well. I think steempeak can Now serve as the unfiltered frontend. All of these Nitrous instances will have filtered content so I think they have a niche that Steempeak can’t fill, but yes I also want this functionality on Steempeak.

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This will really be awesome