Donations are the solution to the comment crisis.

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Remember how I used to never shut up about donations? Well that guy is back, this time on #newsteem. So while there are mixed feelings about HF 21, I'd say at this point most are positive(maybe, am I in a bubble?) but I think one thing many of us can agree on is that a negative collateral damage from HF21 is the fact that most people won't be able to upvote comments and have it be worth it.

This has always been a huge advantage of Steem IMO and one of the areas where we had an edge. Being able to incentivise engagement is something that really only exists in a tangible way on Steem, but now it's a LOT less powerful.


When I originally envisioned donations on Steem, I wanted them on all authored content, so that's posts and comments. I don't feel like making yet another mock up, but like the ones I previously made here, but on comments. I don't upvote anywhere near 20 comments a day, but if I was donating .05 per comment, I would definitely be willing to dedicate $1 a day to comments. I know I wouldn't use that much, but it would definitely be something I'd use. I think it's not only a nice to have now, it's necessary. We're missing out on one of the best utilities Steem had by not being able to effectively reward comments.

But @midlet, you can already do transfers!

Sigh...Okay, of you thought that, let me break this down for you. Your upvotes, comments, or any action you take on this platform is a form of communication. If I upvote you 5% vs 100%, these things communicate two very different things without me saying anything verbally. If I not only upvote you, but then give you a donation of 1 Steem, that says something else. That I like or appreciate something you've done enough to make a financial sacrifice, there's no such think as too many avenues for communication, and here on Steem we're severely lacking, when sending Steem or tokens, is technically something we can do for free, and faster than anyone else, someone just needs to build it into the UI. Someone...please build it into the UI. This will dramatically improve the user experience here on Steem. Be the one that gives it to us.

All hail #newsteem!

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And of course I show up to say, yeah, donations are cool, I guess... BUT, they'd be better off, in the long run, simply purchasing more Steem and powering it up, rather than giving the tokens away. When folks give, the money is gone, forever. When folks INVEST, they can effectively tip or donate, forever. Both methods can potentially help increase demand for the token, but in my mind exploring the investment avenue is the most beneficial. In my mind, not being able to hand out easy comment money is just another incentive for folks to purchase STEEM. Creating a tipping culture is cool, and quite commonplace indeed, but here we can do things differently. We do need to, eventually, create a culture that involves people feeling comfortable purchasing and staking tokens. If we renamed the vote to 'tip' would the end result be any different from an actual tip? Nope.

It might seem counterintuitive to say that giving people an easier and more user friendly way to transfer Steem would increase the probability that they would buy and stake steem, but I think that's exactly what it would do.

Getting people to buy and stake Steem has to do with their long term commitment to Steem. It has to do with brand loyalty so to speak. The way we develop that is by making the products we build useful, flexible, and diverse. We don't get people to buy Steem by limiting their options, we do it by making everything here work for them better and better. That's what will get them to want to use this and that is what makes someone want to buy IMO. Improving user experience is rarely about any one big feature, it's 100 small things. I think Steempeak is a good example of this. On Steempeak if you click on an image, the image enlarges, you can change the layout of your blog to suit your content, you can see your Steem payout and tribe payouts in one rollover, you can filter your feed by tag with a click, etc. None of these things alone are game changing, but together they make for something a lot more likely to keep users engaged.

I'm ranting, but yea, I just wish someone would do it, so people could see the effect first hand.

I do agree, having an option that caters to how each mind works is wise. You know how I am though. Any time I see 'donation' or 'tip' I pounce to point out how we already do that, but differently. I've been here three years. I can count the number of times I've received a direct payment simply for being me on one hand plus a toe. Maybe I just suck...

I'll bet you a coke that if anyone finally builds this into the interface in a smart and easy to use/understand way, you will get more donations in the first week than in your entire time here on Steem. (Of course I can just cheat and give you the donations myself, so...basically you owe me a coke either way)

You're right but I'm not giving you my last coke.

This is the exact reason I brought up @steembasicincome in my comment below. I think it could fulfill this need. When you give a share to someone both parties earn off of that share for life. So you don't throw money away. Its a win win.

Greetings dear friend @midlet.

This concept besides being a totally valid proposal is very noble too.
Finding ways to more strongly support content creators seems like an action that would have a lot of acceptance.
I have to note the fact that it is very easy to transfer steem, but if we place it as an option in the interface this would surely stimulate this action.

One proposal I can think of to improve this hypothetical tip system is that the amount "donated" goes directly to the beneficiary's SP.

All best, Piotr

That is actually a really good idea I hadn't thought about. I think it's the sort of thing that should be an option, but as an option I imagine it's what would be selected the majority of the time. Sending the tip directly to stake vs liquid.

Late thank you for your reply @midlet

Would you mind sharing with me what's your impression so far after latest forks? One week after hf21 and hf21 has been introduced?

Check out my latest publication..
It brought some real emotions. I've been downvoted by over half million SP (attack of few accounts), however I also received solid support and few strong upvotes and now I will be enjoying the biggest genuine payout in my lifetime ;)

Yours, Piotr

I feel your spirit on this and I never thought about the negative consequences of the fork on commenting. I'm not a fan of the fork but something needed to be done to the ecosystem. The best solution to grow the ecosystem was to drop everything and figure out a way for mass on boarding in a simple why that required no skill on the part of the new user. I mean to say no learning curve to get up and running. But my nononsense approach had no legs with the community. Donations will probably not work even though in spirit it would be great. What about tipping good comments with a share of @steembasicincome ? At least before the fork every share sent was a win, win, win for sender, receiver and blockchain. Once it settles in under the fork it may be a win,win, win option again and something to consider for comments

i would press the donation button from time to time if it was in my face. With comments everyone needs to sign up with the dustsweeper dude :)

I think a lot of people would. I think it would actually be more popular with low SP holders since a lot of them probably don't have the means to have an impact with SP and I think that's key...impact. Users want to feel like they can have an impact, and by allowing donations/tips, anyone can be a whale on a post and I think people would take advantage it they had the option.

Now with the proposal system you have a chance to make this a reality. It costs a few steem to add one but if you feel hat people would get behind donations then you have a chance to get it build for the blockchain.

With this new hardfork, still curious and nervous what this will bring to the community at large. The idea of donation is good and will be hopeful to see it kickstart here

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