Who's innocent?

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I'm constantly annoyed by the news feed that bombards us every single day. Yes, on the one hand it's my fault, I do have the choice of looking away, of turning off the TV, etc, but on the other hand, it's like trying to avoid the loud bang of a city celebrating the fourth of July.


The partisan hackery is in full display as well, both sides are more focused on the "got you" lines, the kind that make the news, than trying to really uncover any sort of corruption. The truth is that possibly nobody involved in "the scandal" is innocent at all.

It's also worth noting, because it seems like we can't do it often, that if one side is proven to be guilty, that does not automatically make the other claim false. I may have a predisposition to believe one side over the other, but facts are facts, and the truth is somewhere, buried in a heap of verbal jargon.

From where I stand, both Biden and Trump seem to have done very illegal things. I know that the "timeline" is supposed to redeem Biden, but it's also somewhat ridiculous to believe that having a 50k a month salary in Ukraine was a result of his son's competence. If you do believe that, then I have a bridge I would like to show you.

Now all this being said, I'm not surprised to learn that Trump wanted this information. He's a businessman who has thrived in a truly cutthroat environment, real estate. So his tactics to "win" should not surprise anyone. That, however, does not mean I condone it, it just means It makes sense.

His recent comments regarding the whistle blower, and how we ought to deal with spies, really sheds a bright light on how we've truly failed. Assange is unlikely to get true justice, and Snowden was right all along. It's not about country, it's about protecting the elites.

How is this theater going to play out? That's anyone's guess. I truly think we've seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the circus act. There will be more hearings, more "we got them" moments, and in the end all we will be watching is a bunch of elites, in their ivory towers, throwing rocks at each other.

It's important we don't fall for it, it's crucially important we don't become tribalistic in defending "our leaders", because to think them as "good" is naivety at best.

I was reminded this week of how Nixon was "taken down" and even though he is highly regarded as one of the worse presidents in history, his real sin was not his crimes, but actually going against the elites. That was what really got him, not his war crimes. The similarities are undeniable to anyone paying attention.



It's not about country, it's about protecting the elites.

What is a "country," a "nation," or a "state" that men are willing to kill other men and inflict destruction upon the planet? A nation-state is an arbitrary construction, born of the blood orgies of the 18th century Enlightenment. When bookish scholars who were never burdened with true responsibility, who never exercised real power, who were willfully ignorant concerning concepts of duty or obligation concoct fantasy to "reform" the sociopolitical matrix of millennia old human condition, the only expected consequences are confusion, mismanagement, and rampant corruption. The only privileges the "rights of men and citizens" guaranteed for humanity was democratisation of violence, that hitherto were the sole purview of the aristocracy and their subordinate solder-slaves. Thanks to the reformers, all of human society are now privileged to directly die in wars that benefit only a few.

If there are certain truths in this misbegotten human world: men have and will be governed by other men; men have and will kill other men; all societies live and die according to the time allotted by the God. That "freedom" and "human rights" have enlarged the pool of humanity to rope into violence in our modern world is but a variable to the above state of human kind. Similarly, the political machinations and scandals that have little to no bearing on the average subject of a society have become democratised, disturbing the average man's serenity with useless and meaningless noise. Whether Biden, Trump, Macron, Johnson, or some other political hack has engaged in self-serving scheme is irrelevant to 99% of humanity. Will impeaching Trump conjure up bread for the supper table? Will humiliating Biden pay this month's gas bills? Will British "independence" provide free electricity? The real world has real problems and require real solutions. The scandals and petty squabbles of the elites are at best an entertainment that waste valuable time and resources that could be utilised to solve real world issues.

It's hard not to get caught up in this pull, isn't it? The more you cast a bad light on someone, the more you will enchant those freedom fighter portions of someone when words fall out of your mouth that smell like you're basically agreeing with them. The personality parts of those who want to draw you to their side will feel confirmed whenever you make the impression that you have fallen. One word is enough, where you characterize someone or something as insufficient and your appeals have become powerless, where you voluntarily place yourself under a higher order.

You will be searched and sniffed for your weak points, and since we humans are usually not saints, the portion of a person who feels subservient to no one will be pleased to have found them and to see confirmed by them that what you have of wisdom about human existence has no relevance for that portion.

This suffering and hating part in one wants to connect with the suffering part in you. By flattery or insult, by eloquence and a long breath. Be assured that appeals to the desire that all sentient beings may be well have power and that those parts that seek to pull one down into their own struggle offer a space for one's own development in maturity. I find it hard to feel grateful for those opportunities and not becoming desperate myself.

As I see it, there is no end to good or evil. It is part of our reality of life.

"... if one side is proven to be guilty, that does not automatically make the other claim false."

This. The enemy of my enemy is usually just another enemy, in my experience. The Hegelian Dialectic is founded on this kind of tribalism, and deploys agents to oppose one another to recruit folks into either side, both of which puppeteers control. Exploiting human nature in this way has been enormously successful, and is why decentralization is crucial to the advance of civilization beyond our current condition to a new paradigm of freedom and prosperity.

Thanks very much!

It is the very "freedom" that put these clowns into positions unworthy of their incompetence and pettiness. What other results would any thinking men expect from a sociopolitical system built upon hubris and envy?

Poor parenting, and this is the result. Not too much freedom, but too much obeisance and slavish obsequity by hopeful minions has enabled the corruptors of all that is good and decent to rule.

Hubris and envy mark such, and your recognition of this indicates a deeper understanding than is deliberately stated in your comments.

How I miss the superlative posts you have authored! Your work novelizing imperial government was eye opening. When will you post again?

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