The cycle

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There are times when It seems like our social atmosphere is suffering from some sort of decay. Yes, it’s not all doom and gloom and I’m not someone who is normally inclined to be pessimistic, but nonetheless it’s hard for me to ignore the loud voices.

Maybe, and it seems to be correct, the problem is not that most people are hateful, uncivil, or toxic, to use the common adjective of the times, but more so that those who are, those who participate in the online battles are extremely loud and noticeable.

The pseudo anonymity of our online interactions has truly become a double edged sword. Otherwise kind civil people, explore their darker side and resolve to hurling ad hominems and othering groups. We’ve developed a term, a “kind” of online user. Trolls, as we call them, but their ranks are dynamic, and it would be dishonest to say that your or I have never dipped our toes into the swamp.

It’s my opinion that the excessive connectivity provided by the online platforms is desensitizing us, and not allowing us to truly explore the consequence of the behaviors we practice. It’s not entirely new to be a troll, although the term may be, but those who trolled back in the day, were people who either had nothing to lose, lost it all, or practiced some level of sociopathy. You see, social cohesion, collaboration, peace with the neighbors, could not be jeopardized for entertainment, and there was no way of clicking away from conflict.

The social dysfunction, because I believe it’s not hyperbole to call it so is bleeding into almost every aspect of modern life, and politics are no exception. The political atmosphere, the two equally corrupt parties of our so called democracy, have to try to use this new weapon, while not getting burnt themselves.

I’ve been practicing disconnecting from it all, and it’s pretty obvious from my semi-absence on the online platforms. Truth is that as much as I can enjoy something simple, like mowing the lawn for instance, there’s always a thought in the back of my mind reminding me of the looming problems ahead.

It's this uncertainty that seduces me back into peeping into the abyss of our social discourse, and the cycle of disappointment, loss of hope and impotence completes once again.


I remember when trolling was a fine art and required skill. Now it's just about being as big a dick to people and being able to get away with it.

I don't know I've suffered a few but very hurtful trolls during my stay online, behind the screens there are people who can be affected and it's true that people behind the screen sometimes lose this empathy towards others.

That's what I mean, now a days it's just about being mean. In the "good old days" of the internet it was more about being witty and clever. The bar on what qualifies as "trolling" has dropped all the way to the floor. Sorry you've had bad experiences though 😕

Aw no worries, I have a theory that the trolls may be our biggest fans (antifans) ever. But yes sometimes they go a bit beyond what is comfortable, we are all exposed to critic once we are online but there are other levels of harassments (or threats) that are simply not fun from people hiding behind a screen, some simply because you cannot devote more attention to people who are clearly a fan seeking attention but a bit "off balance" LOL. During these many years it's been only a few cases so it doesn't take me from being open and friendly with most everyone. But once I had to tell a concert organizator to ban certain ticket sales just in case :/

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Great picture!

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Been on a break myself @meno
still might be a wee longer

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Please keep raking your grass into the abyss! May it help cushion some of the dramatic falls all around us.
I join you in your prayer (that is the mowing of a lawn for example).

People are more connected with those who have no immediate relevance in their lives, being at thousands of kilometers distance from each other, while ignoring their immediate family, neighbors, and community groups. Modern humanists waste all their energy, time, and resources opining upon topics with which they have little relevant information and even less ability to affect. Rather than "tending to their gardens," as Voltaire once wrote, these modern Candids neglect their duties and obligations, perpetually whine about the universe, fill the virtual space with their unlettered ramblings, driven only by the conviction of their ignorance.

Society degenerated to such a state because the West is not ruled, but "managed" by hired and temporary helps, placed in their political positions by a system of crude popularity contest. In all representative government, those populist whores who appeal to the basest human tendencies ascend to power. With the internet providing the proverbial Gyge's ring to the muck, the true nature and effects of humanist political system called democracy is unveiled.

It's only when u get away from it you realise how much it was sapping from ur life...sup memo, hope u are good

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hey Paula... All good on my little part of this planet.

hope all is well with you too.

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