Bloomberg officially cancelled?

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It seems obvious to me, at least at this point, that Trump is going to win 2020. Why? Well, for a combination of reasons to be honest, but it's truly undeniable that "the opposition" is a little more than a joke without a punchline. We have a stage full of people who know how to feed red meat to their crowd, but speak little to nothing about how to improve pragmatically people's lives.


The most recent candidate to not cut it, to not pass muster is Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire that for some reason has decided to outspend his opponents to a level that would make a small developing country slobber and cry. I have to admit, his tactics, although weird, had been working. Trump's reactions, and his nicknaming of Bloomberg as lil' Mike is a strong indication of this.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think Bloomberg would actually make a good president to begin with, but "the scandal", the reason why he must be cancelled is not a revealed secret from the depths of the internet. I mean, did we not know that Bloomberg pushed stop and frisk like a girl scout selling cookies? I sure as hell knew, and this is coming from someone who's never lived in the big apple.

So yes, it's the primary, people are supposed to compete, but the faux outrage, the ridiculous "ok we got him now" is disturbing, annoying and frankly guaranteeing Trump's victory. Now, if you want Trump to continue in office, I guess everything is fine and dandy as it is.

All these shenanigans from both sides reminds me, very clearly, why I quit the ridiculous dichotomy. It's not Dems versus Republicans, it's not even left versus right, it's a lot simpler. We are watching a spectacle of people with a lot of power, trying to increase their share, that is all. We are watching candidates who represent special interests, monopolies disguised as corporations, pretend to care about the carrot-on-a-stick concept we call Democracy.

I think it's time more and more people wake up to these facts. This is not about you, it's not about "the people", it's about who gets to take the cake the next time is fresh out of the oven. Learning history from around the world, understanding the political dynamics in South America for the past few months have made me realize that USA is not quite better. Our president is just as corrupt as the one's that make the newspaper in Latin countries, with the big difference that American exceptionalism seems to create enough smoke and mirrors.

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You could not be more correct.


We are watching candidates who represent special interests, monopolies disguised as corporations, pretend to care about the carrot-on-a-stick concept we call Democracy.

It seems you haven’t heard of Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang. I am curious, what special interest groups you think they represent?

Yang just dropped out. He was my pick. Bernie is going to be scammed again, and I have no doubt of it.

Ah ok. You never know. You may end up with Bernie/Yang ticket.

Yeah, I am also afraid that the DNC will scam Bernie out of the nomination again. His political history shows that he's not quite enough of a corporatist to be on their side.

welcome back

@meno, Thank you for the info.. You're right, I have never lived in the "Big Apple" either and was aware of the "Stop and Frisk" orders. The latest bombshell (or landmine) to go off in his campaign should make everyone aware that he is not an electable choice.
The only thing I kind of disagree with is that of "We must beat Trump" and this, in itself, will assure him of victory in his re-election bid. Rather than concentrating on "Beating Drumpf" we should be focusing on "who will best represent the citizens of the U.S." and work it up from there. If a really strong candidate could coalesce the People into a single movement, that candidate would win with such a huge amount that Tom Perez couldn't pull his "You are NOT Democrat enough" slight of hand.
Thanks again for the info,, Keep up the good fight and be careful!

yowch. truths. power monkeys juggling for cake :(

Nah, he's a Dem so he gets a pass.

hahahahahha CNN, MSNBC, etc is totally defending him on this issue. Saying the context is missing from the audio.

I use to laugh at politics in the USA. Now I am laughing at our own.

Sup @meno, hope you are keeping well

Hey Paula, you are so right. The world is going cray cray....

Welcome back my friend! :-)

Yes, Bernie is going to be screwed over again, they'll try, as he's the only real threat to the status quo and political charade you describe so eloquently. For me however, that's one more reason to not give up at this point; everything points to a brokered convention in which Bernie has a plurality of the delegates. If the Democrats are indeed so bold as to screw Bernie for the second time in a row (we haven't forgotten about 2016), they'll have to do it by openly and unashamedly denying the will of the people, which according to me and many others would destroy the Democratic party.

It's good to see you again!
I have to agree with you here, Blomberg is just another very rich corporatist. The only reason that he's dumping all this much money into the campaign is because he hates Trump. He doesn't give a shit about the people...