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As it's said in the Screenshot, I currently have 0 Tokens and can't change it!
20190721 17_33_483speak.Online  The free speech video platform.png Good question, "WHAT IS THIS"? & D.Tube both still in Test/Development

I resteemed the --> Post <-- of @heimindanger yesterday, about the current State/Development of D.Tube and it's core concept. He also did put out the link to this D.Tube Whitepaper.

So since the D.Tube DTC is just a Testcoin without any real value (that will be reset soon), I would have made sense to me that Video Bloggers like @exyle post on 3Speak. Apparently, 'Speak' Tokens are also not earnable yet. What a strange situation we are in at the moment with this community, everything seems to be moving fast, but none did really arrive already. Today:

Noone is making 'SPEAK', also no one has SPEAK
20190721 16_35_233speak.Online  The free speech video platform.png

Purchase is disabled:
20190721 16_34_563speak.Online  The free speech video platform.png

Can't buy them, even if they are listed:
20190721 16_37_25Steem Engine  Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png

D.Tube Today:

20190721 17_06_11whitepaper.pdf.png

DTC worthless and SPEAK not available, so where to post?

We'll see where the journey will take us from here on, at least one well cooked and finished Video Platform for the Steemians would be great. For now, one of the Scot-Token based D.Tube Forks is the best choice to post on. What a strange time to make Videos on the Steem Blockchain this is.

Here is the list of projects currently using ScotTube(Source):

  1. PAL on
  2. LEO on
  3. WEED on
  4. BATTLE on
  5. SPT on
  6. SPORTS on

Where do you post your Videos at the Moment? What other Platforms are there on the Steem Network?
Have nice Week! Best Regards Manni.

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Livestream would be really awesome if that would come times, as announced in Q2 2018, now we have Q2 2019 ....... you can just embed the link from other video platforms, but I can do that on other frontends too.
I think threespeak are a klon fom Dtube, not more. We will see in the Future, but not with futurecoins from Drugwars, 😁 😂 🤣
cheers, 🤠

Where do you post your Videos at the Moment?

Since many Years: Vimeo
and for my steem posts: Yt,

It really seems that this Platform can't sustain Developer Teams financially. Progress on DTube and ThreeSpeak relays on very few people in the End. The Development of any complex Feature seems to take forever.

With #SteemEngineTokens , DApps now have unlimited scaling on the #steemit network.
We should see a lot more DApp development and activity in our blockchain,
which will strengthen the #Steem ecosystem and create more robust use-cases for people to use.

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The Market is changing at the fastest pace ever, we need solutions now, not only options and development for the future. Everyone can **think **about tomorrow, but today I can also see and feel. And I see DTube going independent on the AVALON way and 3Speak still not finished yet.

Optimism should never be an excuse for not to thinking realistic about the present situation.

thanks for the comment

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