My African Apple Has Finally Started Fruiting But What Is The Real Name?

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Africa Apple fruiting.jpg

One thing I’ve got to hand to farmers is their ability to be patient. Yes, patience is very important if you want to be a farmer. You plant and wait, you weed the ground and wait you will continue waiting until it is harvest time. The same thing goes for animal farmers, your animals mate and you hope the mating is successful, you wait until the female is due for delivery, when they finally deliver you still take time to groom the young ones to maturity and until they are also ready to mate. Sometimes the waiting is a matter of weeks, other times it is a matter of months but there are causes where you need to wait for years.

Africa Apple Goodnews.jpg

I travelled to the eastern part of my country Nigeria about three and half years ago for vacation, I have made several trips after that but the reason why this particular trip is mentioned is because back then my one of my cousin that stays in the village gave me the two seeds of a fruit he called African Apple and suggested I plant it when I get to my base in Lagos, western Nigeria.

I honestly did not know what it looked like but I slightly remember eating it as a kid but can’t just remember how it tasted or what it looked like, it was just the name that I could only recall. By the time I came back to Lagos I planted it the same time I planted the sore sop and paw paw tree, they were all lined up along the same path as a matter of fact.

Africa Apple particles.jpg

While the paw paw trees and the sore sop trees have all been fruiting, the African apple tree hasn’t shown any sign that it was going to have fruits until yesterday. I was just going to the back of the compound to check on the rabbits at the rabbit farm when I noticed some colored particles at the foot of the tree. The tree is very leafy so when I first looked at it I didn’t see anything, but by the time I pushed aside the leaves and checked again I now discovered there were many flowers at different fruiting stages.

Africa Apple fruiting 2.jpg

I was really excited and shocked in a way because I’ve tried checking how it really looks like online but haven’t been having any luck with that. It is not your regular apple, according to what my cousin says they gave it that name locally because it looks like the red apple but is a bit bigger than the regular apple. So, finally I’ll get to see how an African Apple looks like. Please note that it is not the African Star Apple locally called Agbalumo or Udara, I know that one and this is not it at all. I am hoping when the fruits grow to full maturity and is harvested, I’ll be able to discover its’ real name.

Africa Apple fruiting 3.jpg

I do hope it will produce a lot of fruits so that we have enough to share with family and friend who have always asked what it is and I have always told them that I am also waiting to see how it looks like. Lol. At the end of the day it all boils down to been patient because 3 and half years is no joke.

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Ohhh! A neighbor had this sort of apple tree back in my hometown in Cameroon. Once in a while I go there to harvest a few when she isn't or just her kids are around :)

The fruit has a very funny shape different from the normal apples. It's more of it's height than the thick width of normal apples.

Locally, we call it "number 2 apple". I don't know if it has a real name different from "Apple" lol

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Ahaaa! I think you described it a bit the way my coz described it. Now I have another name for it. "Number 2 Apple". Well done buddy.

I'm happy to have stumbled on this post as it brought back the memories lol thank you!

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Are they more shaped like pears?

Africa apple, I'm not sure I've seen one of those and I don't know the name

Thanks anyway.

What a great blossoms it has!
There are apps that can tell you the name if you make a picture of the leaves and flowers.

I think I'll do just that.

Haha sorry I didn't saw the challenge😁

No problemo

@ketcom, In my opinion the biggest salute should be given to the farmers because in my opinion they are the reason for what we are eating today but yet in my opinion large percentage of farmers live life of hell and it's really unfortunate aspect.

You didn't mention if you knew the name of the fruit @chireerocks. Thanks anyway.

Welcome and genuinely speaking, i don't know the name of the fruit. 🙂

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I'm just wondering what's the difference between African Apple with other Apple,hehe. I haven't seen a real Apple tree, 'cause it doesn't grow in our place. Pls share some photos when it's fruits are ready to pick. 😀😁

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Is it a Agbalumo? I have upvoted and resteemed for you mate

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Hi @steemingmark, I already mentioned in the post that it wasn't Agbalumo. Thanks though.

O crap lol do you only get 1 go?

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