I bought me some Minnowhood

in #palnetlast year

Inspired from posts earlier in the week from @smasssh and @exyle writing about getting cheap Steem this week, I also decided not to be the one who will be complaining in the bull market that 'I should have gotten more when it was still hot'

This also means that I have faith in Steem as a system and that the current Steemprice doens't have much to do with Steem as a valued coin, but more as a result of the current alt bear market. Will Steem collapse entirely and will my small investment be gone? Nehhhhh, I don't believe so....I believe this is a smart move at the moment.

Screenshot_20190818-145604_Samsung Internet.jpg

Now it is only a matter of time before the first one will pop in with the 'why aren't you powering up instantly' question. That has to do with the 1 3 week power down which prevents me from doing stupid stuff ;) Just kidding, but, a girl needs some liquid in times with so much going on, I find. If you look at how many cool projects are starting in for instance the #steem-engine and tribe world it might be worth to buy some stake in somewhere versus delegating. What do you need for this? Exactly, liquid Steem!

Also the #steemmonsters option is also a reason for me to have liquid Steem. Like @slobberchops did earlier this week buying a stash of beta packs, I know I am also capable of doing this in Orb form impulsively and liquid is needed for that.

So there you have it! Minnowhood with a click of a button for less than $100 and why I am not immediately powering it up.


Like that style.
Like I said in that post .... 'Don't wait for the right opportunity.
Max upvote (that hopefully becomes worth more soon) because of this bravery.

Thanks for the mention btw.

hahah thanks for the full one dude! The mention is well deserved, you got me back on the idea again of creating oppertunity, and hell yeah this will pay off somewhere in the end...It all seems scary now, but in a while we will laugh and take a cigar from all of this!

And a beer ofcourse ... or Champagne maybe.

by that time?? Yeah champagne will be more in place indeed :D

amazing keep stacking more

Working on those stacking skills!!

Hell yeah!!! Congrats! We need a little bit more of this from those who believe long term in this place.

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Yeah exactly...! How is your current view on this then actually? I really think that with all of these upcoming things this really is bargain time!

Wh00p! Congrats! Consider using my tip next time to get even more STEEM for those 100$ for less fees and easier buying :D But this is awesome, I hope more people are buying \0/

Euj! How have I missed this??

Hmmm...I am seeing some challenges with my Swiss ways of paying but indeed surely something to check out! Good one!!


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